CoD: Ghosts will need 6GB RAM, 50GB install

At one point or another in a PC enthusiast's history, he'll have heard the immortal words, "but can it run Crysis?" Well in the future, we might be saying the same about Call of Duty Ghosts, as not only does it need a 64bit OS, 6GB of RAM and a massive 50GB of space to install, but the recommended GPU is a GTX 780.

Chances are if you're visiting a site like Megagames, your PC is meaty enough that it's already sporting at least 8GB of RAM and a nice GPU, but even some of you may quake at the thought of requiring a GTX 780 for recommended performance. I shudder to think what the ultra setting requirement would be.

Of course SSD users aren't going to be happy with the 50GB install either. That's going to eat up almost half of their total C drive. Many of those likely to be affected have queried why the install size is so great, considering most MMOs don't even clock in to half of that size.

It ultimately comes down to the huge textures the game is using, potentially supporting 4k resolutions. This would certainly give us the reasoning behind needing 6GB of RAM too - preloading those bad boys would take a while.

It would also be a good suggestion to play it with an SSD to help preload said textures, but then again, you'll want one over 100GB in size.

So guys, can your PC run CoD ghosts?

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Over Spec

I dont think anyone would really have those specs at this time ! CoD was always the type of game that copy/past and play game... they cared more about performance and action then quality but i guess those are the final moment for CoDs people liked the game cause of the ability to run it on any system no matter how old it is.. with this move i believe many would try to find another FPS games to enjoy it since many can't afford paying for new computer

ea's another spin on same

ea's another spin on same **** different package just like sports games a $60 patch. half of ssd taken, cheep ***. that's less then 10% for me that wont go to waste on this pos of a game. too much of same thing suck, that's why you always pick up different chick. different pool to play in.


"So guys, can your PC run CoD ghosts?", Did you mean to ask, "So guys, do any of you hella, HELLA, give a flying **** whether your PC is awesome enough to run this over inflated, scripted, linear, boring, stupid sequence of hallways & cutscenes?" Is that what you meant to say? Remember when Doom 3 had some mode that supposedly used 512 MB of VRAM & you'd get a warning if you didn't have that much on the card? I remember my 128MB 6600GT ran it just fine & saw no difference. I remember when Carmack boasted about id Tech 5 & it proved to be a piece of utter trash. This is a big fat load that can only be meant to attract attention. Ooooooh, all that for 4k res'. 'Cuz we all need 4096 horizontal lines on our 30-35 cm high monitors. Try to sell me something worth buying for a change!

finally someone who speaketh

finally someone who speaketh from experience ... I like you. I even prefer to play some games at lower res because the flat geometry only stands out more at higher res. Doom1 & outcast are good for 320x240 for example. Instead of high-res, we need more effects like anti-aliasing & depth-of-field to really improve the image quality. Seeing some new HD side-scrollers running on PS3 looked so unnaturally sharp & ugly to me.

Yes you can because you're

Yes you can because you're only seeing about a third of a texture.. Maybe even only a quarter of it at any given time. Remember, a texture is streched around an object and you can't see the back of a person who's looking at you can you? :P

Just get ARMA3 at least you

Just get ARMA3 at least you'll get some gameplay instead of just another linear/simplified CoD game. I Still don't get it though.. GTX780 for a console port? A PS4 is barely running on a Radeon 7850 and mind you: it is running on a very similar pc architecture this time so there is no need for a 5 times more powerful pc.. especially not a more powerful GPU!

the new question should be

the new question should be "but will it look good?" poor design makes for steep requirements. Resident-evil-2 was ported from 2 playstation CDs to a 64MB cartridge on N64. I couldn't beleive that but I noticed my PC copy of Resident-evil-1 had such bad design: wav files taking hundreds of MBs for sounds/music which were copied so badly from the source that they all had some hissing sound ... etc. Similar idiocy was with Final-Fantasy-7 (4 CDs for a game with midi music files). High requirements don't = quality end product.

Why would SSD users be ******

Why would SSD users be ******? I have 2 x 120gig ssds in raid 0. I install and uninstall games when needed. Plus these specs seem complete bullshit, Recommended top of the clue GPU, my ***. Nvidia are just trying to pull the fast one by promoting their re-branded 7xx gpus. The is NO OFFICIAL req spec info that has been revealed by Activision. Why should we believe nvidia alone? They previously said GTA V would be released this fall which was later retracted. Their 'information about games' is not to be trusted. Fail article is fail.


F, minimum: Cpu: intel core 2 duo E4700/amd X2 215 Gpu: Geforce GT630/ Radeon HD5570 Ram: 2 GB OS: Win7 32 HDD Space: 15 GB


that make no sence,why so big? who can or even WOULD try to run that. And that while they can run it on a crapbox and gaystation. prob some crazy loopy rumor you guys heard,while drunk and stoned out of your minds!

The propaganda is strong in this one

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There is actually an easy

There is actually an easy solution to the storage problem. It's called LinkShellExtension. Basically you can store only a portion of the game such as the textures on your SSD and the rest on a normal HDD. Taht said, I have 4.2GHz Haswell and 16GB RAM. Only thing I may have to upgrade is the graphics card which is a Radeon 6970. Thing is though, it wouldn't surprise me if the only reason this game recommends such a beastly graphics card is because of one or two completely pointless special effects that can be disabled for a huge speed up. A lot of games have that these days.

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