Croteam Promises Serious Sam 4 And A New Game In 2014

Croteam announced today that it is working to release Serious Sam 4 and a yet-unnamed game based on completely new IP in 2014.

The new game is described as a mixture between Portal and The Witness, which makes it a first person puzzle/adventure game. The game is also said to have a "very different" type of humor than that of Serious Sam.

Serious Sam 4 has been confirmed for Q4 2014 whereas the new IP game is intended for release anytime within the year.

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You've got money!

the new seriours sam is loosely based on a main character that can wield guns as it he had 4 hands and fights aliens in France the epic prelude to the greatest French wine ever made "this is not fake" -captcha


Hey guys the guys over at renegade x have finialy finished creating the re made of cnc renegade after 12 years dl it today , awesome game and free

played the 3rd one on Steam.

played the 3rd one on Steam. People were saying it was amazing and all.. After an hour of play I couldn't bare a second more. It was the most repetitive piece of crap I had ever played. Graphics were poor, redundant with the same textures all over the place, music was annoying as hell and restarts each time a stupid enemy rush toward you in the most predictable 1995 way. I've seen so much student projects being more origina and more polished than this I can't understand how can a human being find this entertaining.. beside Micheal.

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