Crytek CEO: 3D Will Become An Industry Standard

Gamers and game developers are still divided on the importance of 3D vision for games, but Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli, is pretty confident that it will become an industry standard in the near future.

"I'm quite sure over the years it will become standard. 3D entertainment is inevitable. It will come, and the key solution will be if it's easy for the eyes," he said.

"We have been working with 3D for a while. We know the nuances and details, and our approach of concave 3D makes the game ultimately very accessible."

Yerli then acknowledged that the eye stress caused by the current stereoscopic 3D technology is a major hindrance to consumer adoption of the 3D games. "If it's a challenge for the eyes, people won't like it," he admitted. "But we are trying to make a game that is hours of 3D, and you can judge it yourself. You've seen how easy it is for the eyes, and for me it's critical that people understand we are not naïve when it comes to 3D."

Crytek has promised that all future Crysis games will be playable in 3D.

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Yes it currently cuts the FPS in half but in the near future they may find methods of coding that increases your FPS for the better. (More Below)

More and more computers are being built everyday lowering the average price for computers that you need for 3D, technology is getting cheaper and cheaper and when they take this step into 3D(Could be about 4 years) I'm quite sure a nice $2,000 computer will be about $850, not to mention all the software that will be out.

Where focusing far too much on the kind of computer that we need when there will be programs to help our performance, for example we already have DirectX 10 3D, I'm sure in 4 years there will be an elite version of DirectX 11 3D that will have coding that will help the FPS, not to mention nVidia will have PLENTY of upgrades in that time.

Oh Snap!

Hey it's like that garbage tech back in the day called "PhsyX"! Let's buy buy buy cause it will make gaming just that much better, oh wait it won't!


Those who don't want to buy it don't buy It no one is forcing you to buy 3D.
Though it's come a little late it's still a amazing experience.

the real 3d

In three years from your comment filled with ignorance and blindness, you will bow infront of 3D gaming. Yes it's spit the framerate in half, and it doesn't fcken matter has it gives depth, immersion. If you're not able to contemplate the effect (perhaps you never tried it!!) then your bashing talk is useless.
3D gaming should have been implemented 10 years ago for good. It's a shame we had to wait for the avatar effect to finally embark on the best way to get in a three dimensional world.

Of course if Nvidia 3d vision and 120hz monitors gets cheaper it will greatly help.

Playing a game looking at a boring splat screen will be seen as retro in five years from now.

Marketing Strategies

What they are really saying is, "We want 3d to be the new standard and we're going to try and push for it."

Then we can sign a fat deal with some manufactures guaranteeing hardware sales with some key title releases.

More money for all. Well that is except the over stretched consumer who "must" stay current.

The ONLY things to EVER become standardized other than necessities are reasonable priced toys. Which currently exclude lcd's, plasma's, and next-gen consoles as the majority of NA's are still using crt tv's and p4's. So unless they can present this as a $100-$300 stepping stone it's never going to get off the ground in a big way.

3d right now..

get nvida video card "top end card"

go to options and you change 3d option and make almost any in 3D!!

cysis and warhead works...

you dont need any extra hardware.. "you need normal 3d glasses"

enable stereoscopic 3d

run wizard and some get pass that test screen ..

you can if you keep trying...

Lol ignorance

If you think that you need a $10,000 PC to play 3D games on pc you are horrible at building computers. For the typical price that most people pay for a crappy pre-built pc you could build your own and throw a good GPU into it and rock most anything you throw at it. But of course you would have to know what you are talking about to be able to do that. >:3

"Crytek has promised that all

"Crytek has promised that all future Crysis games will be playable in 3D."

so we can play them in 3d in 2020? seriously 3d is useless garbage for the fact that it chops frame rates in half. meaning if you want 60fps with 3d on you need to have around 120pfs without 3d turned on.... most people can't even play crysis at 60... let alone keep it well above that. 3d is really only useful for the most insanely high end machines costing over 10k PLUS are playing slightly older games.

the eye strains is a minor problem compared to that.. its called taking a break

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