Crytek CEO: Crysis Looks Better Than Any PS4 Games Will Ever Be

Those PlayStation 4 game trailers sure look impressive, but don’t get too excited. According to Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli, no next gen console will be able to match the graphics fidelity of Crysis 3 running on a high end PC.

It all boils down to economics in the end, or in Yerli’s own words: "It's impossible to package $2000-3000 into a mainstream, let's say $500 console. I'm not saying they are $500 consoles. They may launch a console at $2000, but the consumer pricing is usually much lower than that."

"So, given consumer pricing, and given the cost of production of a gamer PC and the amount of watt of power it needs, which is like a fridge, it's impossible."

"It's very difficult to compete with that. People have these massive nuclear power plants standing in their rooms that will run your games really fast. It's hard to compete with," he added.

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Don't hate

There's no reason to buy a game for graphics, I have a powerful gaming pc that can run planet side 2 very well. I still love the exclusives on consoles, there so creative and fresh. I love a good story and playstation is the best when it comes to epic stories. So anyone that spends that much for a pc is a graphics *****. I love pc and I love consoles, i'm still playing original playstation games, as long as they're fun to play, I will enjoy them.


never played crysis 1 or warhead number 2 was fun and looked great was one of the few rail shooters i could be bothered sticking with only just started playing number 3 so far so good dunno what all the hate is about.


The first crysis was never released for console, because the requirement was set so high and to scale it back to be compatible, would remove the point of the game. The hardware in new console looks good, but as we all know, they will be out of date before release. Consoles need to increase FPS to 60 to make it worth while.

yeah now you look on the Xbox

yeah now you look on the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace in crisis on there and honestly I have a top of the line gaming PC now and I can tell no difference when I'm actually playing maybe from standing still by who just sits still in a shooter. Hell crisis 1&2 look the same on PC and xbox

For anyone that thinks they

For anyone that thinks they actually look the same, look at. The PC version is miles beyond either console. You would have to be blind not to notice. The Xbox looks okay, but some things are so completely different you might wonder if its the same game.

thats what they said about

thats what they said about the original crysis and consoles. "Crysis will never be on current gen consoles due to hardware requirements." but 4-5 years in they will master the hardware and have crysis 3 gotye out with updated "hd" gfx lol

Who cares.

4-5 years later a still lower quality version was released on consoles for the poor people. Crysis didn't compare on consoles & that is consistent with the claims made here.

omg you do know that crysis 1

omg you do know that crysis 1 was utter bollocks on consoles right and if you are refering to the hd lighting well that was only cos 4 years later lighting techinques had changed and look better .. but thats only compared to vanilla crysis .. use a few mods and the lighting and gfx are incredible do a search for life like gfx mods for crysis mods


How is that mind altering? And no, they can't do that. There are already games in development for the ps4 and changing the hardware is a big no no, it destroys the entire point of making console games.


Yeah Cevat's point is a little mootified because a $700 box that is a year old will beat next gen consoles.

So I'm an idiot for not

So I'm an idiot for not wanting to shell out huge amounts of money to play a terrible game slightly better than a bunch of people I don't know or care about? Thanks for the update man, it's appreciated. BTW the figure I used was quoted from the Crytek CEO in the article you moron. "are you thick or summat".

And they cost as much as the

And they cost as much as the PS4 will on launch - what's your point? Of course you can build something more powerful if you spend more money on it, but whose going to buy a game console that costs a grand? Their priorities are capability, power (as in usage, not processing) and cost, not raw processing power, big numbers and case neons.

Point is.....

Better performance can be had in a box with near limitless capabilities for a bit more money than a purpose built bargain box that is not a bargain for all that does.

A mid end gpu, mid end cpu

A mid end gpu, mid end cpu and non ssd hd already make for a powerhouse. Kids these days have no idea what low end electronics are, even though they are widely used in cars, elevators, and other machines that make our daily lives easier.


My 2-3 year old pc will be better than the ps4 or the new xbox, if its not one gfx card upgrade will do it. I agree great gfx are nothing if the game is stale but that was not the point of the article.

Pretty bad point, we all know

Pretty bad point, we all know a high end pc can render better graphics. that's not even the argument anymore. Why would they want to alienate both sides, first they ****** of the pc world by dumbing down their game so it can be multiplatform, now they claim that consoles are scrap basically, that doesn't help the relationship with the console companies. I like having the option to game on console or pc, but it just seems that crytek has a grudge with its audience. mediocre just aint good enough anymore.

Its an excellent point by

Its an excellent point by crytek if you realize their main source of revenue isn't crysis, it's licensing their engine so other companies can make games. All they have to do is greast graphics and a good tech demo (crysis games), making good games is left for the people who pay to use their engines.

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