Crysis 3


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A Flawless Getaway (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Welcome to the Jungle

Aerial Support (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 10 enemies using the mounted weapon on the VTOL (Public Match only)

Arrow to the Knee! (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: End an enemy's career as a CELL operative by wounding him in the knee with an arrow!

Bang For The Buck (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill a deer using explosive arrows

Be a Pro, use a Bow! (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with every arrow type

Belly of the Beast (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Only Human

Bird of Prey (Bronze)
Objective: Air stomp someone from a height of 15 metres (Public Match only)

Breaking the Lore (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Retrieve all CELL Intel

Brink of Apocalypse (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Red Star Rising

Can You Hear Me Now (Bronze)
Objective: Welcome to the Jungle: Disable the Nanosuit Jammer

Clever Girl! (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Stealth kill a Ceph Stalker

Hit me baby one more time (Bronze)
Objective: Melee someone with a ripped off shield in Spears (Public Match only)

Hunter-Gatherer (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Retrieve 10 arrows from pinned enemies

I'll Have That! (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Rip off and use all alien weapon types

Improviser (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill two enemies in one strike using the environment

Kicking off the training wheels (Bronze)
Objective: Complete a match using manual armor mode only (Public Match only)

Lord of the Pings (Bronze)
Objective: Kill 25 enemies with the Pinger (Public Match only)

Maximum Strength (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 25 enemies using only the Nanosuit's enhanced powers instead of guns

Nanosuit Ninja (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Perform 20 Stealth Kills without alerting nearby enemies

Off the Grid (Bronze)
Objective: Complete The Root of All Evil

Perk Of The Job (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Save a Nanosuit module package

Ping Pong! (Bronze)
Objective: Only Human: Kill all Pingers

Poltergeist (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 10 enemies with thrown objects without being detected

Rising Star (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Rank 20

Roadkill (Bronze)
Objective: Red Star Rising: Crush 5 enemies with the Buggy

Staying Sharp (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Tutorial

Stick Around (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Using the Predator Bow, pin 10 enemies to walls with arrows

Taste Of Your Own Medicine (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 25 enemies while supercharged

The Gibson (Bronze)
Objective: Single Player: Complete 20 hacking challenges

The True Measure of a Hero (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Gods and Monsters

Turning the Tide (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Safeties Off

Welcome to the Jungle! (Bronze)
Objective: Complete Post-Human

White Rider (Bronze)
Objective: The Root of All Evil: Surf the donut down the river for 20 seconds

Who Needs Rockets? (Bronze)
Objective: Post-Human: Take out an attack helicopter using the Predator Bow

Block Party (Silver)
Objective: Complete a match in every location in New York (Public Match only)

Bring it On (Silver)
Objective: Complete the campaign on Veteran difficulty

Geared-up (Silver)
Objective: Single Player: Unlock all weapon attachments

Going Commando (Silver)
Objective: Get a primary weapon, secondary weapon and explosive kill in one life (Public Match only)

Halfway to Hell (Silver)
Objective: Complete 3 of 7 levels on Supersoldier difficulty

I See Cloaked People (Silver)
Objective: Kill 10 Hunters as a C.E.L.L. operative (Public Match only)

Inside Job (Silver)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 10 enemies using hacked sentry guns

Nanosuit Veteran (Silver)
Objective: Complete 3 of 7 levels on Veteran difficulty

Odd Job (Silver)
Objective: Get two kills with one throw-able object in the same match (Public Match only)

Post-Human Warrior (Silver)
Objective: Single Player: Kill 10 enemies in a single Supercharge boost

Rudely Interrupted (Silver)
Objective: Rip an enemy player out of a Pinger (Public Match only)

Suited-up (Silver)
Objective: Single Player: Upgrade all Nanosuit modules to Maximum level

The Specialist (Silver)
Objective: Get a stealth kill, a rip and throw kill and an air stomp kill in the same match (Public Match only)

World Saver (Silver)
Objective: Finish the campaign in any difficulty

Would you kindly ... (Silver)
Objective: Accept and complete 25 unique challenges

Professional Superhero (Gold)
Objective: Complete the campaign on Supersoldier difficulty

Platinum (Platinum)
Objective: Earn all available trophies for Crysis 3

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