Crytek To Release Free CryEngine 3 SDK In August

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has pledged to release a free version of the company's latest 3D engine, CryEngine 3, which powered Crysis 2.

The SDK which will be free for non-commercial purposes was described by Yerli as "the same engine we use internally, the same engine we give to our licensees, the same engine that powers Crysis 2."

The SDK will be released in August and it will include sufficient documentation, Crysis 2 code samples, and example assets.

The SDK can also be used for commercial games as Crytek "will offer an innovative low cost licensing model" for them. Crytek will also offer a separate plan for non-gaming applications.

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Why someone would want to use this, other than to make games cross platform? Cry Engine 2 is way better when maxed out. Crysis 1 with a few graphics mods totally owns Crysis 2. Cry Engine 3 is only dx9. It does not support all the cool lighting, shadows and particle effects as cry engine 2.

um cry engine 3 supports

um cry engine 3 supports dx11. crysis 2 just never shiped with it, but its been patched in later... also the cryengine 3 looks way better in dx 9 than 2 did AND runs faster. so... learn before you talk don't just spout bs you heard from whiny complanitive kids

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