DayZ Standalone hits Steam

DayZ, the mod for ARMA II has been around for over a year at this point and it's great, people love it, but it's never quite ticked all the boxes. That's why Dean "Rocket" Hall has been working on a standalone version of the game for almost as long as his mod has existed. Now, finally, it's hitting Steam as an early alpha.

It brings with it a lot of features, while leaving some at the wayside, so Hall has been clear that early adopters should be aware that it is far from a complete and polished product.

In-fact some of the cooler parts of the mod have been left out for now as they need a lot more work, they include things like:

  • Driveable vehicles
  • Deep crafting options
  • Ragdoll physics
  • Mod support

However, there are a lot of great features in there already. There's crafting in a basic state, with the ability to customise weaponry. You can play with up to 39 other players across the whole 230 square kilometre map of Chernarus, a persistent player profile, clothing customisation with different protection from the elements and enemies.

As it stands DayZ is £19.99/24 euro/ $33 USD. The price is expected to go up as the game enters beta and finally official "release."

Read more about the game and buy it here.

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that's positivenergy

My money went towards Rust, and it's laughably cheaper too. At DayZ SA early alpha $30 pricetag to me seems like a slap in the face to the community. I could Understand 15-20$ stage two would go higher and so forth, but rocket really is a douchebag. Expect a long process on the development too. Can't complain about Rust though. Garry did a fine job on it. Looking forward to where the game goes.

I am glad that DayZ is

I am glad that DayZ is finally available for early access, but I am very ****** off about the price tag. Not because I do not think its worth it, its because Rocket talked about the price in the beginning and he claimed this game will be around $15. As a final product mind you. We are getting ****** over more and more with this early access ****. If we support a game in early stages we should pay no more then 25% of the final price tag. This goes up over time with development. Now it has become nothing more then a 2 -5 year pre-order BULLSHIT.

1: I don't support Dayz.

1: I don't support Dayz. 2: Piracy has improved sales of movies, games, and music. When this site started back up in '98, mostly all it was, was hacks, cd-key generators, and no CD patches, for the purpose of using illegal copies or pirated copies, so don't come on this website, pretend to be part of it, and than ***** for what kind of community its members are.

Piracy improves sales...right

Piracy improves sales...right. That totally makes sense since a lot of people who pirate a digital product don't go out and pay for it (sarcasm). Did you already forget yourself encouraging someone to just pirate the game because they didn't want to pay for it? But keep telling yourself that kid, I'm sure eventually you'll buy into that bs.

I pirate games all the time.

I pirate games all the time. Play it for 20-60min. If its good I consider buying it. Most cases if the game is that good I use it as a bench test to see if my rig can handle it, or if there's a lot of bugs at launch etc to verify if its worth the buy or wait a little. I end up buying at least 20-30% of the games i evaluate.

I pirate 90% of the games I

I pirate 90% of the games I play... I play them about 2 hours and delete them... I occasionally buy a game I actually play for months.... but even then I only have 2-4 hours a week to dedicate for gaming. I work full time, goto school full time, grow weed full time... aint got no time for that.

You do realize what pirating

You do realize what pirating has done for the industry, like no more disc required to play, the general drop in price of games and its the new try before you buy and the scapegoat of failure pirate game companies trying robbing you blind. The fact is nothing is secure and that keeps things morally in the right direction. If they made a good game it would sell THE END...


Yeah, know what it did to the industry: Increased prices, reduced quality, forced migrated many games and their development to consoles, moved lots of development overseas, introduced the more pain-in-the-a** free, killed PC game trade-ins - hurt EB games as a result, etc. Keep dreaming that you actually made gaming better. It's retards like you that ruined everything.

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