Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

Dell is taking its Inspiron notebook line into uncharted territory with the introduction of the Inspiron XPS, its first gaming notebook aimed at enthusiasts. At a product launch, Dell told reporters that serious gamers can expect ultimate performance, a customized XPS look, and for the first time on a Dell notebook, an onsite upgradeable graphics option for a future graphics engine update. The product will list at USD 2,849.00.


The Inspiron XPS will include Intel Pentium 4 (3.4 GHz) or Pentium 4 Extreme Edition (3.4 GHz) processors and the recently launched ATI MOBILITY RADEON 9700 with 128MB of memory, giving the system enough muscle to play today's popular games. The Inspiron XPS will also feature subwoofer sound, an integrated DVI port, Gigabit Ethernet1, four USB 2.0 ports, IEEE 1394 and fast hard drives.

Upgradeable Graphics, Dedicated Support

Offered for the first time on Dell notebooks, the Inspiron XPS will feature a graphics upgrade option for enthusiasts who want to stay at the top of their game with leading edge technology. Dell claim to have found a way round the difficulties involved when upgrading a notebook.

The customer purchases the upgrade, available at a later date, and a Dell technician will be dispatched to install the graphics card at the customer's home. The service is based on the customer's schedule which eliminates the need to send the system back to Dell and experience unnecessary downtime.

Additionally, Inspiron XPS customers will have dedicated tech support manned by experienced technicians, oftentimes gamers themselves, who are knowledgeable and able to troubleshoot, diagnose and handle the most demanding inquiries. Dell will also work with hardware vendors and game developers so that specific issues can be resolved.

Unique Look

The Inspiron XPS is designed to look distinctly different than other systems in the line. The notebook will come with one of three exclusive personalization QuickSnap color kit options that customers can use to cover the entire back of the product including Cipher (green and purple), Skullz (black-and-white skull-and-bones) and Plasma (red and black). In addition, each system will come with an exclusive backpack designed for the XPS.

For more information about the Inspiron and Dimension XPS, follow the download tab above.

Additional technical information for the Inspiron XPS

- Intel Pentium 4 and Pentium 4 Extreme Edition both at 3.4GHz
- 512MB to 2GB DDR RAM at 400MHz
- UXGA UltraSharp™ Wide Aspect Display (15.4-inch)
- 10/100/1000 Ethernet1, integrated 56K2 v.92 capable modem
- Optional integrated Wi-Fi (802.11b/g or 802.11a/b/g) and BlueTooth capability
- DVD+RW/+R3
- Choice of Hard Drives: 60GB (7200 RPM), 80GB (5400 RPM)
- Integrated subwoofer
- Ports include four USB 2.0, one S-Video Out, one IEEE 1394 port, and integrated DVI port
- One PC Card slot
- 96-watt Hour Lithium Ion battery
- Optional second hard drive and floppy disk drive
- Included choice of 1 QuickSnap Color Kit cover
- Exclusive XPS backpack

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Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

whats this bout the sub woofer, its a lap top for **** sake. if any one wanted a pc with good sound they should get a desktop com. you would look like a bit of a try hard carrying this fatty bombar note book playing Halo 2. and where the adsl internal modems. like who the hell bothers with dial up theses day. "oh hello grandad"

Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

hay there, off the subject but i found this Sweeeeeeeet program for all you peps that download games that need to buy unlock codes. its called UUnlock. thats 2 UU. it scans the directory of the game and creates the nessary unlock code.there is allso key code generation. for like cd keys and what not. wrks on same basics. be carful, i wouldnt tell ya friends bout it, specially if the play Halo 1 online. it tends to take already in use cd codes.

Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

Alienware all the way baby. If I had the 2800 to spend on a gaming laptop - Alienware. Go with Alienware: theese guys have been making laptops and Desktops that guarantee best f**king performance - they design their laptops with f**king framerate in top priority. Oh yaeh, and by the way, their laptops are waay f**king thinner than this concrete slab rite here.

Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

many laptop keyboard have a major flaw, especially for gaming. it cannot handle certain multiple presses of keys, like w and 2 for example, or 3 and e. the second key wont work if you hold the first one down, so you cant swith to your number 2 weapon while walking forward for example. some keyboards are ok, but i wouldnt be surprised if dell overlooked this when building this pc, oh and if it is f**ked up, they wont let you return it because of that, they will say it works like it is supposed to. if you complain 3874298374928742 hours to them on the phone they might send you a usb keyboard for free. yay, not worth it. dell-peice of shit no matter what.

Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

i will have to agree with the comment about alienware. they are the pros for gaming machines. i wouldnt buy their desktop systems cause they are too much money, rather build one myself. but there laptops are the best for gaming, and because you cant really build your own laptop as easily as a desktop, id go with them. mobile graphics are getting better and better, so mobile systems should be something to look forward to this year.

Dell Mobile Dream for Gamers

I do think they should of used the Radeon 9600XT because it is *alot* cheaper, sure, it mightnt perform asfast as the 9700 but its a very nice card and uses the 9800XT design rathere than the 9500/9700 design.Also it dosnt heat up asmuch as some of the other cards (including the Nvidia FX series, I dont know about this computer but it dosnt look like it gets alot of air circulation to keep the parts as cool as possible.Keep in mind, when I refer to these cards I am talking about the desktop pc versions and im not 100% on the mobile versions. Thanks =D


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