Developer Explains How Samurai Shodown Made Fools Of Its Players

Samurai Shodown is one of SNK’s most successful brands with millions of fans who never suspected that they were being made fools by their favorite arcade pastime.

One of the most memorable sights in the 1990s arcades was seeing two Samurai Shodown players mashing their buttons fiercely in order to win a small mini-game that determines who’d lose his weapon. Problem is, all this mashing was useless as the mini-game’s outcome was completely random.

The revelation was made by Long time game programmer, Gregg Tavares, who ported the game to Neo Geo 20 years ago. According to Tavares, one of the porting team members actually suspected the foul play before working on the project, so he checked its source code when he had the chance and discovered that the mini-game’s outcome was determined by “picking a random number.”

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I'm sure a lot of gamers

I'm sure a lot of gamers realized this a long time ago and just didn't bother spamming it. That's not the only game with dodgy game mechanics so it's not really something the average gamer would make a big deal out of upon discovering it. Modern forum lurkers don't count.

So moral of the story is game

So moral of the story is game companys think gamer are suckers. I bet they call gamer the mark you know like when a scammer starts scamming before he scams he picks the mark ie the person who would be easy to scam. Maybe those who spent money on this game have a legal right to get it back as they were being misslead.hmm what to do.


Just because you don't care about a game doesn't mean the rest of the world doesn't care either, AoE II actually is a very nice game I played during my childhood, this new unofficial expansion will actually bring me into playing it. If you don't care just don't bother posting.

I didn't see the unofficial

I didn't see the unofficial AoE2 being promoted on any of the larger gaming sites I go to... so next time I'm playing a new civ on a retro lan party enjoying the new fixes and updates I will have the article here to thank... and I alway like hearing little titbits about classics of the past like samurai showdown... so thanks megagames, don't listen to the haters...

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