Diablo 3 Has Real World Money Auction House

The list of improvements and changes introduced to the Diablo series in the upcoming Diablo 3 is quite interesting with feature such as persistent friends list, cross-game chat and PVP matchmaking, but the most controversial of them is the real-world money auction house.

Executive vice president of game design Rob Pardo explained that the currency-based auction house is a natural solution to a lot of problem that plagued the first 2 Diablo titles just like they affect a lot of RPGs and MMORPGs. For example in Diablo 2 when trading, people used to have to drop items on the floor and click with blind faith that they were getting what they expected. This led to the proliferation of scammers and to having the chat channels constantly spammed by item listings.

As usual with Blizzard, the company worked hard to balance the new feature and to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. Here is a quick list of all what we know till now about the new real world currency auction house:

  • There is one regional auction house per currency type.
  • One auction house uses in-game gold as currency.
  • Players are kept anonymous while bidding.
  • Almost all items (and eventually characters) can be sold through the auction house with the exception of quest specific items.
  • Features such as auto-bidding and instant buyout price are available.
  • All transactions are executed securely and instantly.
  • Smart search mode allows you to find the items that suit you and your upgrade path from the available items. The system can search for items fully automatic, or player can specify the parameters of the items he need.
  • A "nominal" fee is charged for listing items. In addition to its financial benefits to Blizzard, the listing fee aims to discourage people from selling trash and vendor loot.
  • To allow players to try out the auction house without investing too much money, each player will be allowed a number of free listings per week.
  • A sale fee is deducted from each complete transaction.
  • The listing and sale fees are Blizzard's only source of profit from the auction house as they will never sell items directly through it themselves.
  • Players can transfer their auction house earnings to the Battle.Net account balance and use it to buy any Blizzard goods and services.
  • Players can cash-out their earnings through third party payment providers such as PayPal (the list of authorized payment providers hasn't been finalized yet).
  • In-game player-to-player is not affected by the auction house.
  • Hardcore characters cannot be sold since death is permanent in that mode. "We're protecting players from themselves -- we don't want a situation where someone spent a lot of money and then that character --along with the items -- gets deleted due to combat or PVP soon afterwards," Pardo explained.

No real-world currency auction house will be available in the Diablo 3 Beta since all Beta characters will be deleted at the end of the Beta phase. The in-game gold auction house will be available, however.

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What's the problem?

Am I the only one who doesn't have a problem with this auction house? IF players could buy items from Blizzard, that would be a different story, but this is just between players, and if someone is willing to pay cash then so be it.

And you all know every farmer

And you all know every farmer and xbox casual will sell everything in the cash auction house while no one will use the gold auction house.

No offline, LAN, or Mods...

Well I'm so happy that Torchlight 2 will offer these and that I can give blizzard the finger and say sorry I don't want your mmo.

Blizzard Company Requirements

Most likely this addition has come about because the higher ups in Blizzard want to be shown that all their games can turn a profit like WoW. One of the main reasons why Diablo 3 has been delayed so long is because all of Blizzard's best and brightest, along with their main focus has been on WoW. The D3 creators most likely here are being forced to show they too can turn a daily substantial profit like WoW does. And hopefully in return they get bonuses and raises like the WoW guys.


How does the auction house turn the game into an MMO?

It's just an online market. You're never actually going to play with those people. It's always been about playing solo / with your friends and always will be.

Real money??? Really?

Just what those Chinese farmers need! Nothing like spending $1000 real money on a FKING virtual item. This is what I've been waiting for all that time? Come on Blizzard!!! Get with the damn program and stop milking this game... I'm glad they made improvements but no casual gamer is going to spend real money on a virtual item... although now that I think about it if I knew by killing some hag a thousand times to get an item worth $500 it might be worth it... hrmm... maybe it's not so bad after all... time to quit my day job... in another 10 years or whenever the hell Blizzard releases the game... maybe when Hell freezes over?

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