Diablo 3 Helped Boost PC Game Sales 230 percent

Diablo 3 PC

While mobile gaming might be considered the future by many - it's certainly become the current big money making platform - PC gaming is fairing well too. While consoles took a 28 per cent dip in sales over the past year, PC games have been flying off the shelves. Compared to the same period last year, PC game sales were up 230 percent.

One of the biggest contributors to this swing was Diablo III, becoming the fastest selling PC game in history. Many would cite the growth of digital downloads as another reason the PC is continuing to dominate. The ease of which games can be bought and acquired now outstrips the three big consoles, since AAA titles as well as smaller indi ones can be bought and downloaded in a relatively short period of time.

It also needs to be considered that the current console lineup is old. The Wii has about four months before its successor appears, and both the PS3 and Xbox 360 are in their last year or so of life. This not only makes them less attractive as platforms for development, but means people are less willing to invest in new accessories and games, since they know the next generation is just around the corner.

PC gaming on the other hand, spans operating systems, hardware changes - it remains steady with regular tweaks and updates instead of the bi-decade refresh that consoles employ. Combine that with the fact that most console games that are available on the PC are able to be played with the console controller, and you have a platform that's far more versatile than the console offerings; while staying at the forefront of graphical and technological development no matter what part of the console life cycle we're in at the time.

While PC gaming is unlikely to take the top spot any time soon, it's certainly the work horse that continues providing a solid platform to game on and will keep doing so for the foreseeable future.

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HA if your someone who has to

HA if your someone who has to replace pc parts every few months then you need to stop cheaping out on the parts to begin with. High end video cards from 3-5 years ago are still high end cards and will play any game at 1080. The consoles are holding back pcs big time. Yah you may be bale to just pop in a disc and play but console are still just as buggy and waaay slower load times, Can't customize controls, much better content on pc versions considering mods. Skyrims hd and water mods blow away the ps3 version. I spent less on my pc than the ps3 cost when it first came out.

Console vs PC

I am really tired of all this crap with the fanboys, PCs are constantly updating I buy a new PC part about every few months and playing games on PC is ultimately the best experience but I always have to deal with installing games and bugs and sometimes I CBF and thats where consoles come in, stick the disc in your good to go its better for keeping your old saves and it will always just work and thats why they will always be around, everyone knows PC is the best and anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves but I will always have to work for the best PC experience and others and I would agree that ultimately where not always prepared to spend the time to get it working and thats why I love my consoles, the fact that consoles have the only on console title games is just to justify consoles existence its very much a selling point, and at the end of the day we just want to play the damn game.

Wait.... What??

Cmon dude you can't be this dense about computers. I mean you can not know any programming languages and how FAT and still be able to use a computer " to play Games " which doesn't require all that much knowledge. But I think the only advantage in consoles was the fact that if you bought one all its games run on it without problems but in PC you have to figure out hardware requirements and upgrade if necessary. which you don't have to do in consoles ..

Fair enough, you don't need

Fair enough, you don't need to figure out hardware requirements with consoles. But guess what? I only need to upgrade a hardware component from time to time. A decent computer system lasts about 3 years before gaming graphics becomes too intense. Then I don't really have to upgrade the entire system necessarily. For example I have the Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 and it still meets requirements for most games. Also I have the GT250, which also meets requirements for most games. When a game gets released that I wish to play and cannot because of my hardware, I will decide on upgrading. With consoles you’re forced to replace the entire unit - sometimes for ridiculous prices compared to a normal upgrade (Note, not extreme over the top). Also, I believe that for that pricing you may just as well get a PC and enjoy the experience of a never-ending world of possibilities that opens before you. Here is some of the things I do on my systems: Gaming, Programming, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Sound Editing, Media Centre, Distributed Prime Searching, Market Trading, Reading, VoIP (Skype etc), Pentesting, File Server, Remote Desktop and Remote Support. Well, I'm sure I missed something that I'll remember later on. But the point is - No matter how good they make the consoles, the PC will always be more versatile - the moment consoles start doing what PC's do - will people start abandoning them for other plug and play types?

Totally agree

@ Amnobius I totally agree with what you said dude but I think the life span of a console is 10 years while as you say for a PC its 3 years and think about the fact that you can buy a new PS3 for the price of a high end Graphics card that makes consoles more appealing for some people , personally I'm a graphic designer/web developer and I've been a PC gamer for more than 15 years not only for the fact that I use my PC for almost everything but also coz some titles can only be played on PC like your diablos and RTSs like Dawn of war and BTW I'll take a keyboard and mouse any day over a gamepad in COD or battlefield 3 .... Long live Counter-Strike .... :D

I cannot believe it!

Just a couple of months ago companies were citing that they no longer wish to develop games for the PC. And now it comes out that PC is going on steadily, isn't this just some kind of slap in the face for those companies? Well I love it! I've been a PC user from the time I got my first one at the age of 14, I'm 28 now and will always maintain that PC is and will always be the best all round system. I think the only reason consoles exist is because of the lack of knowledge on how to operate a PC. Other than that I really see no other pro for consoles. But that's just my 2 cents :)

"I think the only reason

"I think the only reason consoles exist is because of the lack of knowledge on how to operate a PC" === That and the lack of desire to learn how to. Nowadays people want things that 'just work', they dont want to spend time learning how to do things. Imagine if people had the same attitude towards driving cars, we'd have crashes and wrecks everywhere (thats how the internet is, a bunch of PC's infected with viruses that work for people other than their owners).

uh huh

Geez what are you, 14? Your argument is so compelling... actually its inversely proportional to how obvious it is. Which is to say, not compelling at all (explanation for the slow folk). You dont get to stand with people who KNOW how to use PC's until you know what are packets, how FATs work, what is and how x86 works, how to program in at least one language (basic/visual basic/html dont count) and several other misc things everyone should know about PCs.


you sure know alot of "PC" programing languages? Did you read what I'm talking about? I'm pretty sure you are smart, just lay of the beer and read properly. I am defending PC. i said i liked the post of the 1st guy because many companies are losing interest in it which is true. many games are release to consoles 1st then ported to pc later or not ported there at all. so, how do you do c++ and other languages? PC right? or was originally created for pc and can be transferred to pc easily. the PC vs console arguement sucked so bad that die hard console users (no pc knowledge) saying PC is crap not thinking how games are made. well im pretty sure it wasnt made by an xbox controller

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