Diablo 3 Senior Game Producer Leaves Blizzard

Diablo III senior game producer, Steven Parker, has left Blizzard for no disclosed reason after working there for five years.

"Hey Twitter, I'm no longer working at Blizzard or on D3," Parker confirmed the news via Twitter. "I've had a great 5 years there and those guys are going to kill it with Diablo."

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Your stupid

You guys are stupid. That game is gonna kill it no matter what happens. First of all the game is almost done. Second of all it is one of the top trending searches on Google so you know it has the hype. And if you think D3 is Blizzards only project your dumb.


Calling people stupid and dumb even after reading an article on it otherwise. Makes the sane wonder. Did Blizzard have have your child for you?

on a separate note this is

on a separate note this is why WOW has been dumbed down, to make it easier for ppl to play, and there for easier for new ppl to play. It was for the money, not so they game itself was better. This is also why SC2's terran faction is so much better. I know this is gonna spiral into some stupid argument, but more new player will play SC2 if they find success playing as terran. ---Its about the money, not the game.--- Thats my point.

enjoy the buzz blizz. your

enjoy the buzz blizz. your time at the top is near its end. your talent keeps leaving for better companies (or to make there own)

better hope d3 doesn't upset. cuz its really the only thing your company has that were looking forward to 2012+

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