Digital Download PS Vita Games Might Be Cheaper Than Their Boxed Copies

According to Japanese magazine Dengeki PlayStation, at least two of the PlayStation Vita launch titles will have their digital-download versions retail for less than their boxed ones.

The magazine has confirmed that the boxed version of Uncharted: Golden Abyss has an official price of ¥5,980 ($78), while its digital download version will cost only ¥4,900 ($64). Hot Shots Golf 6 will also show the same price discrepancy as is has an official retail price of ¥4,980 for the boxed version, and ¥3,980 for the digital-download.

We don't have pricing info about any other Vita titles yet, so it is probable that this will be a common trend for all Vita games. It is worth noting however that most retailers offer discounts and sell games for less than the official retail price; unfortunately, this isn't usually the case with digital-downloads (not before they hit the bargain bin).

In the same issue of the Japanese magazine, Sony's head of development, Yoshio Matsumoto, hinted that PSP owners will be able to buy digital-download versions of the games they own on UMD at a "special price."

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Jobs lost

If they go all out digital, then how many people will loose their jobs. Covers, Cases, DVD process, Sales companies. All of you idiots want to go digital, just like when most of america voted to ship jobs where they need them and now you don't have one. Buy american keep our Mexican's and Chinese working. I bought american and I am still out of a job, so suck on that.

I don't know about that considering i'm not from the US but....

....I do know about jobs going overseas in order to maximise profits. ------- My argument isn't about the loss of jobs through/because of digital downloads or services, it's to do with the cost of the products available via a digital download/service. -------- When a company states that digital downloads may be cheaper that should ring alarm bells with the vast majority of customers who buy, or at least intended to buy, a particular manufacturers products. ------ My earlier statement isn't that we SHOULD move to digital downloads completely, which will happen regardless once broadband speeds reach insane levels and is super cheap in about 5 - 10 years. ------- My argument is that digital services SHOULD be cheaper as there is zero packaging, storage, shipping costs etc.

Not really

If you consider that you might have to buy their sony brand memory sticks that might get costly. Averaging at 4+GB a game, how many sticks someone have to buy, how many will someone loose and then at the end you still have your digital media on a card there for defeating the purpose of buying digital. Digital cheaper + to buy a memory stick = same price as physical if not more. Buy download, play, finish, erase, download new, so forth. At the end you don't got shit.

I've heard the 'but they have to pay for servers etc' all before

So broadband shipping cost the same as shipping physical copies do they? NO! ------------------------- If i can buy NEWLY released games, or pre order upcoming titles at nearly a tenner less than the digital version then it stands to reason that the digital version can be made available for even less. -------------------------
Sometimes these companies will operate out of one base and ship their games over to the respective countries they're intended for. ------------------- What that means is, they pay the developers +bonuses, customer support staff (for what they're worth), disc pressing, disc casing, Printing costs for case covers and instruction manuals, line packaging (which also means hiring people for quality assurance), freight costs for transporting by rail or truck, hiring shipping containers, overseas shipping costs based on overall package weight and distance for each country to be shipped to, again freight costs for moving by rail or transport trucks in each of those countries, storage costs for warehouse space in each country and paying stockists for shelf space in each country. -------------------------------------- A digital download service basically means, they pay the developers +bonuses, customer support staff, server costs (as expensive as they may be) in which one bank of servers could cater for two or more countries depending on size and overall bandwidth allocation, AC costs, hiring staff to maintain those servers, bandwidth costs via broadband, marketing, and i bet you that servers used for the digital download service are based in India where they pay relatively low costs for services and pay low wages too. --------
Does anyone still want to maintain that it isn't a case of maximum profiteering?


Is it just me or the fact that box game is $78 where as other boxed games for other platforms are about $50-$60 standard edition. And the digital is $68. Either you pay for the store storage or pay the inflated price that Sony has. The fact it's "cheaper" is an understand statement.

My captcha "Bone dry" -> what my wallet will be with sony's price.


No box, no media, no instructions, no media container(possibly the box and container in one though), no having to pay a store like Walmart for "premium" shelf space, no shipping costs, no paying people to create the media, no paying a bunch of people to package the game, etc. They probably save a pretty damn good chunk of money when they sell something digitally.

"no having to pay a store

"no having to pay a store like Walmart for "premium" shelf space" - No but you still need storage servers (plural because you need a single game in several servers) which consume power, need lots of cooling (read a really expensive AC system) which also consume power and both servers and AC need maitenance. "no shipping costs" - There is actually, its called bandwidth cost. People just think digital downloads are cost free for companies and while its cheaper its far from free.

What do they mean 'Might'?

The facts are, they SHOULD be cheaper if downloaded digitally. ----- It's not enough to just say might. ----- All games publishers are guilty of this. Especially EA. ------ You can buy any of their titles that are coming out between now and Christmas for at least five quid less via Amazon, to name just two. If you decide to buy, lets say Battlefield 3 for example, via Origin then you will pay £39.99 but if i buy from Amazon i only pay £29.91. That is a huge difference. -------- The same goes for Mass Effect 3. From Origin it costs £34.99 and from Amazon it only costs £27.99. ---------- The facts are, whether these companies have their own digital download service or not, you get BETTER value via a physical copy of any game you purchase rather than a digital one. Look at it like this. These companies persist on keeping the costs artificially high but the developers are most likely getting the same amount of income as they do when physical copies are sold. ----- For those who say i don't care then i say you are a bunch of fools because where does it end? It's only because a lot of the people who buy these games are so desperate to play them that if they wanted to, the publisher could have commanded a premium, say £55 a £35 game for example, and the people (or sheeple) would still buy it. ------ You want to know why games costs are getting higher? -----It's because no one seems willing to dictate the price we're willing to pay compared to the dictation that publishers demand you pay. ----- MW3 anyone?

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