DOOM Gets Allowed Into German

The German Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons (BPjM) has decided to grant DOOM and DOOM 2 a rating of 16+, allowing both games to be sold in the country for the first time since their launch in 1993 and 1994 respectively.

"We are obviously very pleased with their decision," Bethesda Softworks VP of PR and Marketing Pete Hines commented. "Can't give you details yet on when they will be available in Germany. We'll let everyone know as soon as we know."

The games were reclassified as a result of an appeal filed by Bethesda Softworks which acquired them after it overtook id Software in 2009. German law allows classifications to be revised after 10 years and Bethesda thought that it was worth a shot.

We still don't know if the unbanned games include Nazi soldiers and symbols.

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Hey, i dont know any of you nor do i want to take part in this discussion but one thing i know is that using a keyboard to express sarcasm or irony is almost impossible. so im sure you both ment this in a good way :)
but i totally agree people who wanted to play this amazing game propably did ;) and they still remember the
IDKFA codes ;)


To clear things up: The German versions of Doom and Doom II have been reclassified. The German version of Doom should be identical to the US version with the only exception the original publisher in Germany was CDV (a German publisher). The German version of Doom II however has been cut by the secret Nazi/Wolfenstein levels (and the symbols used in there) found in the original US release.


Wow, that statement is probably the dumbest I've ever read. Statements like that make me lose hope in the education system. You obviously have no concept history if you think video games are responsible for Germans behavior in WWII.


...and you didn't even detect a hint of sarcasm in that previous statement? I'm even more worried about the education system than you are! Clearly you can't read either because nothing was even mentioned about WWII. Please children, don't jump to conclusions, take your time, take a deep breathe and then CONCENTRATE WHILST READING the text!!!

Most violent of all German

Most violent of all German Behavior: WWII. Don't know what would top that for being declared most violent and German. Actually I do, nothing. Tis the highest point of violence to be connected with German. And sarcasm in text = near impossible to tell at times. Perhaps it would have been easier to tell lest for the ridiculous comparison used as already explained.

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