EA Forces Micro Transactions On All Of Its Future Games

Electronic Arts CFO, Blake J. Jorgensen, revealed that the company has decided to include micro transactions in all future games.

Micro transactions will be available in “wherever possible” in all EA games “either to get to a higher level to buy a new character, to buy a truck, a gun, whatever it might be,” he explained during his keynote at Morgan Stanley Technology Media & Telecom Conference this week.

EA has already made the required technical preparations to make sure that micro transactions and their payment processing go as smooth as possible.

"We've got to have a very strong back-end to make sure that we can operate a business like that," explained Blake. "If you're doing microtransactions and you're processing credit cards for every one of those microtransactions, you'll get eaten alive. And so Rajat's [Taneja, CTO at EA] team has built an amazing back-end to be able to manage that and manage it much more profitably."

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Oh I see.............DOH

Of course it is, how stupid of me, like they are going to be able to keep an eye on little johnny 100% of the time, they have to sleep sometime, we all do, then he gets up early, switches on Xbox360 and buys all the updates & DLC & Micro Transactions thanks to our friend EA. Think again buddy it will happen somewhere out there & it will be a very costly experience I am sure. For starters always keep your credit card details off the consoles so its then near impossible.


LOL! They're talking about having a strong back end to process all the micro transactions. What if we all abandon EA for their BS they're causing?!

Micro transactions is a part

My Friend, this is the part you are missing... You WILL have to Pay in order to Reach a next Level Sooner or Later. This is part of the Corporate Suck-Dickery that has been admitted in the EA rep statement above! What He Didn't Say is.... You will buy the Game Then You will eventually have to Purchase the Truck it might take to make the next stage... Then a special weapon to make it a little further... Then purchase a Blast Code for the Explosive Laden Wall Keeping you from finding your buds which are needed to reach the next Pay Goal... Then just as you are about to spoodge in your drawers thinking that extra $85.00 you spent on top of the game was worth it & you're about to see the final scene, you will be asked,... Please Insert Another $10.00 for final stage... LMAO ... I mean this is the kind of ridicules nonsense these corps actually dream up!... So YES, at some point soon YOU WILL HAVE TO PAY MORE in order to Progress further. This is only laying the groundwork for that realization!... Ya Don't have to believe me but lets come back in 2 or 3 years and you'll see what I say is true. ..... It is those willing to pay for it that will screw the better reasoning rest of us.... ... ... OMG! Even CAPTCHA is Ad Laden Now? Sheesh! Ridicules! No Offense Of Course!

Peeps Love P!zz!ng $$$ Away!

EA Puts out great games no doubt. However, they got the last dollar from me a few years ago & never getting another. I'm Sick to Death of Corporate Everything! Anyone who agrees with EA (or any corp for that matter) truly deserves to be financially bled out. Not everyone can afford to do these things. This leaves many out. Heck! half the people can't afford to keep good tires on their car much less throw money at a Digital Weapon or Suit to make their (Game) a little better. This is one of the great troubles with our ignorant Non-Economy! Prices of everything have gone through the roof because TOO MANY People are Foolish enough to pay over-fees, after an over-price. Just to have something? I can't understand why it is so hard to get the masses to understand if people would just hold their ground (Money) and not give into every corporate whim, our economy might eventually correct itself. (Yea, Doubtful) Prices go Down & Decisions Change when people stop buying! Does No One Understand this? Unfortunately, we have been taught Gimme Gimme NOW! No Matter the Cost, Just Gimme What I Need! Don't get me wrong, I love gaming too! I'm just not feeding the capital sickness anymore! Now ***** Away On That! (((Grins)))

Oh so true

Yep, that's 3/4 of the reason the middle class are financially in debt as it is and why the economy is failing. There is actually a condition for this (and a LOT of us have it) called "The Grass Is Always Greener Syndrome"... That's right, those of you who just keep wanting more and cannot be consent with what you have will be the downfall of us all... Captcha: This is it.

Hells yeahs.

You get a word up from me brah broski. I think you meant to say "content" but I think most peeps will figure it out. The stupids will be good as long as their low/no skill labor is needed & those days have already begun to run dry. After that, they will become burdens like the sick & the elderly. Captcha is "baby boomer". LOLz.

So I guess gaming legally

So I guess gaming legally just isn't an option anymore. If I have to play a game that I bought and,shed for hours just for some drag to come up to me and kill me one hit with his bought "sword of infinit souls" and lvl 100000 character. Puck dat sheeeaat

Good thing I don't play many

Good thing I don't play many EA games to begin with. These people seem to be getting greedier I enjoyed BF3 and thats all i got. I played Need for Speed underground 1 and 2 for ps2 and that was it. Oh well this has nothing to do with me. $60 games are becoming $160

get real

oh comon, try getting into some hobby like restoring an old GTO. 35K easy. Drag racing? Serious autocross? Circle Track racing? Holy **** dude. Hobbies like that are a sign of economic class. An LMT 7.62 will cost you like 3k, not to mention an ACOG that will set you back like 1500. Ever been to Nordstrom? Ever been on a Snap On truck? Ever been to Pottery Barn? Games are so cheap. If you're not a kid and you're still playing games, THAT BY ITSELF is a sign of your economic class. BC2 cost me 45 and I played it for 475 hours. That was ******* cheap entertainment in college.

Apples to buttnuts.

Those things you describe, are a source of pride for the people who do them, they are appreciable by outsiders looking in. They are in a different class & worth the extra cost. If you are a world class video gamer, you're a world class loser. If you look up to world class video gamer, then you supplant your hero on the loser podium. I love video games, but I wouldn't dream of going around bragging about how good I may be, or think I am at them like I might if I pimped a car, flipped a bike or won some kind of race. Video games are only entertaining for the person playing them. If you're a baws at it then you're probably a loser everywhere else.

Hey now, even millionaires

Hey now, even millionaires play video games... so its not a economic class issue. I've always felt that video games had a bigger impact on entertainment per $$$ than anything else really. You can easily spend 20-30$ on a single movie, but are you really going to watch that movie 15 times? let alone in one day... and those professional sportsmen barrels/scopes, most of the hobbist I know who are into that get sponsors to pay for their gear, cause normally who can afford a $2k scope.

As long

As their is a wide selection of whatever is being sold, np. But if you do this, make sure DLC's and expansions are free, or it won't work to well. This isn't so much news as it is common sense though, everyone will move towards this.

WoW was a $60 game, so were

WoW was a $60 game, so were on 4 expansions... Do that math, $300 on the game alone, add $15 a month fee. And yet still people, not by the tens.. not by the hundreds.. but by the THOUSANDS... after all those costs and fees, still purchase from the WOW website, vanity pets at $5-10 a piece, and mounts at $25 a piece. And even though there is dwindling numbers of players i.e. myself leaving WoW. Their numbers are probably still near 10 million in the u.s. If people like something, they will fork out the money, especially if it makes them happy... Yes, I've known ppl who a silly pet, made them happy irl. *cough* got my brothers gf Porcupine Puffer Fish pet from TCG... They have a real life Porcupine Puffer fish in their 200 gallon aquarium - so That's the excuse for being happy in that case. Everyone has their reasons.


Michael J posts some senseless tosh most of the time hence, I don't even entertain him with a response... As far as "micro-transaction gaming" goes, this is a clear indication that I will be giving up on EA for a while (vote with your wallet) and hope other will follow suit. They will get it eventually.

Tell that to all the morons

Tell that to all the morons who keep buying EA sports games every year, People are just stupid. I for one don't have an issue with micro-transactions. It's part of the gaming verse for awhile now, and like they said before it does take some serious back-end to deal with merchant services not eating a giant chunk from the micro transaction. Honestly though, a lot of companies have been doing Micro-transactions, but you guys are such huge haters of EA that you are all blinded by a single company saying they will always be doing it in all future titles.(lets not forget Valve's TF2 hats...)

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