EA Launches Origin Service To Compete With Steam

EA announced today the launch of its digital gaming platform: Origin.

Origin allows gamers to buy, download and play games for PC and mobile devices from EA and its partners. Origin will also include social networking features.

EA has also launched the Origin beta desktop application which can be used to access all Origin features.

Origin will also be available on the go with a mobile platform that gives you access to your profile and lets you connect and play with friends in EA's smartphone titles, including SCRABBLE and the upcoming mobile version of Battlefield 3. In the future, mobile gamers will also be able to see which games their friends are playing, as well as compare high scores and compete for bragging rights.

After EA's press conference next week at the E3 Expo in Los Angeles, Origin users will also be able to access exclusive game content and trailers for Mass Effect 3, FIFA 12, SSX, Need for Speed: The Run, STAR WARS: The Old Republic, The Sims 3 and Battlefield 3. EA's E3 press conference is scheduled for 12:30PM PST on June 6, 2011.

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if anybody at EA is listening

if anybody at EA is listening i WILL find any way possible of removing this from my computer i dont want to interact with people other than through the platform i have HUNDREDS of pounds worth of games purchased on and loads of friends in. i mean did anybody actually use scoal club on gta 4 and that was a gta game, what on earth are ea going to have that could compete with that useless platform


I have An EA master

I have
An EA master account,
A Bioware account,
A Battlefield2 account,
A Battlefield BC2 account

Why the hell would I want yet another account? FFS pick a main database and link user games and accounts to the main database, I don't want to have to create a new account for each new game I buy from EA.

They cannot even sort out the broken links on their main EA website so what makes you think they can build a digital platform for games if they cannot maintain their website and a single database of your games?

won;t work

EA is going to be a small player in the competition that steam has.
It won't "reinvent" anything...because its EA.
The only way this would be innovative is if you could download ONE copy of a game, and it would be playable on ANY platform, without having to buy multiple platform versions of the same game.


Unless you're suggesting every developer starts making games with Java and OpenGL you're very dumb. Running games in multiple platforms is unrelated to how said games are distributed. Its about how they're made by the developers. You want to be able to run every game that comes out without problems? Get a good rig with windows, a good antivirus and don't use it for anything other than gaming, not even web browsing (its the only way to keep it safe from laymen who cant take care of their comps). THEN you won't need games to run in other platforms.


..."Great... Like having to install uber resource hog Steam isn't enough, now EA has to throw out some other crap you HAVE to install. -_- "
You must have a crappy computer if steam has any effect on it what so ever. I always have steam online, I never shut it down because there has been never any problems with it "hogging" my PCs or Broadbands resources.

i'll stick with steam

lol there are a couple reasons why this wont work... one.. its EA, and two... steam is great! aside from their occasional hiccups with cd keys and such... but show me a company that doesn't have its "cons". Perfectly satisfied with steam.

One store to rule them all!

Steam is awesome no probs for me,I have no worries with other developers releasing their own platform, As long as I can still purchase the same game off Steam. If I have to install multiple online stores like this on my desktop in order to buy certain games, Then I am gonna be pissed!
One is enough,Whichever platform you choose to use.

It will only take 1 developer

It will only take 1 developer to do it, and do it right. Steam is the buggiest crap ever. 1 developer who can offer something that works better and doesnt crash or hog bandwidth without reason will win. Not saying necessarily that EA will be able to do this going by the standards of the games they are releasing..

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