EA: Medal Of Honor Will Not Revolutionize FPS Genre

EA hopes to revive the franchise with the upcoming release of Medal of Honor but they know that doesn't mean that the game will revolutionize the FPS genre, development boss Goodrich admitted.

Goodrich explained that the development team wanted to give fans the "shooter they expect" - plus a couple of additions.

"I think right now there are iterations, I think even developers within themselves will continue to iterate and iterate," he said.

"Absolutely there's always room for the next big thing and there are individuals out there doing it."

"You may not be noticing them as much because they don't have the big marketing budgets and the monster franchises that people will look at no matter what," he continued.

"But I think yeah absolutely there's still room for that. I think with us we didn't necessarily set out to revolutionise or do anything else in that sense other than create a great game, the type of game shooter fans expect and then layer into that an emotional experience that's cinematic and has a good story."

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No prone = No buy.

I don't care if they talked to the blackest of black-ops. Going prone is a perfectly valid strategy and they are depriving players of choice and themselves of the extra revenue. Oh well, hopefully they'll learn when their sales tank. Ignoring repeated feature requests will cost them customers in the long run.


The open beta version I Played was way over the top, the intro was as said, "cinematic" and the voicing is one swear word, yelling, swearing, etc. The sound effects for the sniper weapons was loud, about 3x louder than anything call of duty did.

The problem is the gameplay, no lean, no prone. The map itself was done as it seemed in 5-10minutes to only go into the beta.

This game when played was like character to actual life imaging, meaning if you would see a movie with real people this is how also the characters in-game are to be portrayed.


White people shooting white people is A.OK!
A white person shooting a black person is racist.
A black person shooting a white dude is fine.
A white shooting middle-eastern people is outrageous.
But middle-eastern shooting white is glorified.

Wait, what? How did the world become like this.

AH huh

So in other words, the plug got pulled 70% of the way through, this game isn't anticipated to be a commercial success, and you Sirs at EA are attempting to distance yourselves from it as much as possible before the tidle wave of shit hits.

The bad reviews, mediocre gameplay, COD4 graphics, blatant console port and now this hoohaa over whether people with brains actually get offended over killing Taliban.. even when the 'opfor' are actually going to still be killing 'MURIKAN forces is still in.

I wonder if people would still kick up a shits if the name change had been for the western forces. Maybe? If so, I challenge everyone to think critically on what *exactly* it is they're finding offensive.

(captcha is repeal hilbillies, prophetic...)

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