EA Origin Is Mandatory With Mass Effect 3

BioWare has revealed that physical an digital PC versions of Mass Effect 3 will require EA's Origin.

On the plus side, the game can be installed an unlimited number of times and it requires a single one-time authorization rather than a constant Internet connection.

The digital version of the game will be available through "Origin and a number of other 3rd party digital retailers," not including Steam.

Back in June 2011 EA took Crysis 2 off Steam with the reasoning that "Steam has adopted a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content."

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Origin is MADNESS

Well, for once we as gamers should stand together not ***** at each other for having sexual abuse by our parents and sitting in a high chair. It is just too confusing. Anyways, Origin is a bad thing from my point of view mainly because it is from EA, they are a massive publisher that take advantage of all the small developers. They are just greedy and realized their sales where MASSIVE on steam so they figured hey, lets make ALL the money that steam gets from us. The other thing is that Steam is from a company that was small and brought us Half Life games. Now I agree it has been a while since they released a new HL game, but thats not the point. Valve has created Steam to distribute games and make money with it. They do it in a fair manner and allow small developers to make money. Even you and me can submit a game to Steam we make. Now with Steam you do not have to worry about loosing your games, where on Origin they get deleted of your account after 2 years of not using. (I myself did not use steam for almost 2 years because of life situations). Even if sometimes you think, well I don't play old games anymore, that is fine. But some do, I still love Quake 2. Regarding piracy, well its a gray zone. Pirate games from EA, Ubisoft, etc its like stealing gum from Wal-mart. Yes its illegal but who really cares? $60 for a game without a demo? Alot of people pirate games because they want to try it before they buy it. I have bought more games then I ever have since I had Steam. Not to mention games from indi developers I have never know until they where in Steam. Steam vs Origin, alone the companies who created them is enough to see where the problem is.
A major point is that consumers have to let companies know that products you buy is YOUR property and to do with what you please. One problem I have with steam is that you cant re-sell your used games. I think it would be fair to sell a game on Steam where Steam gets 10% for what you re-sell it. It would be a smart idea. (They can pose all sorts of restrictions, like you need to own the game for at least 3 months or something)
You guys all know what I mean, just stop ******** at each other and ***** at large corporations instead who take all our money and try to control us and still treat us all like criminals.

Here's what i do, For the

Here's what i do, For the most part, i buy all my games, but if there is no demo to a game I'm unsure off, i may illegally download it and usually don't play the whole thing if it sucks. I really think the lack of demo's is hurting the developers (even tho they are making more money than ever), people who are unsure, usually wont buy the game (maybe that's why there are so many sequels). If i was to buy a car, i would want to test drive it...right?

I will "Own" the game

Im not going to lie to people i Do pirate games have done most of my life i do own alot of games mainly the games i felt where good enough for me to spend my hard earned money on

The first issue I have with games these days is the DLC stop it we all know it's just a way for you to make more money 7 years ago it would have been in the game so please just complete the game and then sell it

the second issue i have with games and i mainly blame this on the consoles BAD PORTS we all know that games have to be made to the LOWEST common spec in the market.... at this time that's what the consoles are DX9 at best as where PC is half way though DX11

My third issue i have is with programs like Origin unlike Steam origin does track what/when you install (they said they changes their practice but if your like me and can break a program down and looks at the code you would know that's not true) things

Now to my Title I Will "Own" this game
now i put "Own" in quotes not to say i will beat this game within 7 hours f owning it or that i am a badass (lets just stipulate that i am in fact a badass it will be much easier that way trust me) I will own this game the same way i own Bioshock I will pirate this game after it is cracked and i don't have to use Origin to install after i go down to my local Best Buy and buy the game for PC bring it home and put it on my shelf UN-opened and enjoy my DRM free playing experience

The first issue I have with

The first issue I have with your post is the lack of punctuation. It's no different than typinglikethisbecausethereisnopauseatall, see how annoying it can be? Thats your post, please go back to school. No one takes a kid who can't write seriously.

Haha realy?

If you realy have trouble with the way he wrote then just don't read it and move on, don't need to be disrespectful. Beside not every one is an expert english teacher like you.

A good reason

Origin sucks, I should have looked into it before i got bf3, to launch a game is to launch orgin to launch a webpage to launch the game wtf. They are just giving a reason to be pirated hell they are forcing it.


Actually whats killing gaming is u a$$Holes who think you all know everything with ur fake honors in law degrees. You all use any excuse to pirate games and blames everyone else. Well just shut up and pls use a tampon to calm ur girl urges before u type again... IDIOTS, u don't know jack.


You’re just another ****** that has daddy buy his games and is too stupid to realize that pirates don’t ruin games. It's bad ports and games half made just so they can charge for DLC's that should be in the game already, but go ahead and have your dad spend $60 on a game plus another $60+ on DLC's and have a program track everything you do on the net, and you call others idiots. Get your high chair so you can see over the counter and you will see a reflection of a true idiot.

Never bought dlc for ea games

First of all i buy all my own games, second when the f did u look over a counter and saw a mirror. Third fact is, the only time i am buying dlcs for half A$$ made games is all the games that put themselves on steam. I agree with you on the half a$$ made games that should be pirated. But lets look at battlefield series when was the last time you had to pay money to get new maps, never (expect if u didn't buy BF3 limited addition which was the same cost as a normal copy). Unlike COD where they charge you extra for everything and make you pay much more compared to battlefield games.

Has anyone read the new contract

Has anyone read the new contract and pls facebook apps picked up u going to spankwire long ago and maybe steam. So just by the game ans stop ********, Origin changed their policies after everyone complained the first time. So relax ppl I haven't gotten one email or ad from a company since i have had Origin, it's just like steam expect u get faster download speeds off it.

Yup, the only suckers that

Yup, the only suckers that will need Origin are the people stupid enough to buy into this garabage, my version will be Origin free and won't cost me a cent.

It's a shame, I really enjoyed the first 2 - purchased legitemately through steam I might add, and I'd be willing to but this one of they didn't let their greed get in the way.

Clean = No tats?

Hopefully by clean you mean the ******* ain't covered in tattoos.
Girls are so f'n beautiful, i don't know what possesses them to cover the beautiful bodies with ugly *** tattoos. I'll be glad when that fad is dead and buried.

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