EA Origin Users Can Return Purchased Games And Get Their Money Back

In a bid to differentiate itself from the rest of the market, EA's Origin is offering full limited-time refunds on online game purchases.

Under the store's "Great Game Guarantee" program, EA commits to honoring all refund requests submitted within a week of purchase or a week from launch day for preordered games. Refunds are also allowed within 24 hours of running the downloaded game for the first time.

For comparison, Steam allows its users to cancel preordered games before launch but they have no way to refund a purchase after it is done.

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I doubt EA truly thinks they

I doubt EA truly thinks they can beat steam but there still gonna make money with origin which is more the point, either way origin will still influence steam to some degree and I would love it if steam introduced this system so thank you EA you fail but we all win.

Origin, Powered by desperation.

So in an "attempt" to dig themselves out of the **** hole they have been digging themselves deeper and deeper into these last few years they came up with this; this was their great solution to compete against Steam a refund option! You'd probably need it to if you were dumb enough to throw your money at games like Dead Space 3, Sim City and a few others good franchises now completely ruined. There are numerous reasons why Steam is and will continue to be the leader of PC digital distribution sales, it's an actual gaming community, they have awesome ******* sales, they don't lie about DRM and having to always be online. Origin AKA EA just needs to stop acting like they care about the consumer, they don't - they just want your money.

The only good option that

The only good option that they have is when yo buy a game you get to choose if you want the physical copy instead and at the end all you do is enter the code into origin and have both (if PC game). But I am not sure if they will give you the digital while you wait for the physical copy. The bad thing is that its only ea titles.

Hella word.

No kife. Another thing is that it's perfect for people who just play **** once & then delete it, which is probably most people. It's like Blockbuster with their no late fee policy. ******* retards, so people go "rent" something that they wanna keep indefinitely & go get a membership at another store & then other customers get ****** when they can't rent what they're looking for 'cuz it's been out for 18 months!!! At least this doesn't **** other cussy's directly but does EA think they gonna make more money stealing business from Steam? Idiots. People will buy **** from you that they don't really want, that they'll only play once, like most FPS's & TPS's & then return it, like we used to in the ol' days head on over to EB or Microplay, buy or rent something, burn it & then return. EB stopped selling PC games because of it. Microplay just disappeared altogether. You ******** go from ridiculous DRM to ridiculous handout & wonder why everyone hates you & why you just can't seem to compete with Steam. Offer solid prices on games so people will buy them & be glad they did, otherwise we go to TPB or one of the other numerous torrent sites & get the **** for free in an easier/faster & safer way where we don't have to leave credit info with a corrupt company. **** off. This idea was dead long before it started. Fire the guy that thought it up.

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