EA On Trial For Battlefield 4 Bugs

A class action lawsuit filed against Electronic Arts in the Northern District of California is accusing the publisher of violating federal securities laws by making "materially false and misleading statements" about Battlefield 4's quality.

According to the lawsuit filing, EA's top management knew ahead of launch that the game was riddled with bugs which would prevent it from reaching its sales target, but lied to increase stock prices while they sold their shares for millions of dollars.

The class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of everybody who purchased EA stock between July 24 and December 4. At the beginning of that interval, EA's Q1 fiscal results were announced and (allegedly) false claims about Battlefield 4's quality were made. December 4th, was the day EA owned to the game's defects and announced that it was halting development on all other DICE projects to divert those resources to fixing Battlefield 4.

Electronic Arts is named as the defendant in the lawsuit in addition to CEO Andrew Wilson, CFO Blake Jorgenson, EA Labels president Frank Gibeau, EA Games executive vice president Patrick Soderlund, and EA president and COO Peter Moore. With the exception of Jorgenson, each of the aforementioned executives sold more than $1 million worth of EA shares during the period in question. Honorable mention goes to Gibeau who made $5.69 million from stock sales on October 31, two days after Battlefield 4 launched on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

An EA representative provided the following official statement regarding the lawsuit: "We believe these claims are meritless. We intend to aggressively defend ourselves, and we're confident the court will dismiss the complaint in due course."

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umm i the only/

ok so am i the only one who realizes these investors are ******* morons ? true they were sold a bugged game ,but none the less it is now your game .why would you shoot your self in the foot and discredit your own investment? its like saying i bought ten cars but only sold five sold its the car manufacturers fault that i couldn't sell all ten cause they are peaces of ****..now your stuck with 5 cars you could have sold cause you opened your big ******* mouth. besides who spends millions of dollars in stock on a product they have not tested ? ask me ea are ******** but the investors deserved it .bugs are to be expected in pc software i had an issue with acceleration i lowered it and no more problems and im still running at 60 frames most people with issues have outdated. xbox .fat ps3. and minimal requirement pcs. i had no issues on any system besides the pc till they patched the consoles for the hervs who were having issues just the honest truth.. so ill leave with **** happens

You clearly have no idea how

You clearly have no idea how the stock market works. These investors are suying EA for lying to them and helping insiders make a profit from it. If they win bf4 wont get damaged at all, they'll just get some cash for damages done by EA. So why wouldn't they sue?

I think it goes a little more

I think it goes a little more beyond your analogy. ---- BF4 was released broken. -- On day one the vast majority of purchasers were unable to play the game in multi-player mode. And i'm not talking about it crashing every few minutes during play, i'm talking about multi-player not working whatsoever. ---- This was the first of the major bugs. ----- Another major bug was from the Siege of Shanghai map/ --- Shortly after DICE sorted out the server bug, players that played on the aforementioned map were greeted to a ridiculous bug where the game would crash when the building was destroyed. --- And it was designed to do just that. ----- Another bug that really got people mad was the crashes between loading levels. --- If you managed to get through one with a crash, it was an almost certainty that the game would crash when loading the next map. ---- Another one, i 'll make this the last, is the bugs server side. The game would randomly reset, or would lock up with no apparent reason. ---------- What EA are guilty of is telling not only its customers, but also its investors, that they had a superior piece of software and that it would release to high acclaim. The problem is, that the game was released in an unfinished state. Release date estimates for the state of this game being considered finished are mid-late January. And considering the games competition, it would be considered catastrophic. ------ I should also mention that the above bugs were just for the PC version of the game. Consoles had other major bugs that are way too numerous to be listing here.

Incomplete game

I payed 59.99 for a COMPLETE game.. i have yet to recieve it.. every 20-30 mins i get errors and booted out, this is deffinately BF4 errors, as no other game does this.. just bf4, ive lost my entire campaign about 4-5 times now, lost my online rank a few times *revertd back 10+ ranks* i can barely connect to servers, and if i do i get errored out before match is 1/2 way done. conquest is unplayable at all.. they lied to us, and dupped customers.. we should be offered a refund.. i hope they get sued up the ***. teach them a lesson.. they released a game that was worth minimal $30 nowhere close to a $60 game, Assassins creed made this game look like crap, ive yet to have a single issue with AC:BF. least ubisoft made a quality game i feel justified paying $60 for. back up EA all you want, BF is a good game.. when its not riddled with issue and errors THAT THEY KNEW ABOUT BEFORE RELEASING IT! Good riddence!!

There is no doubting about

There is no doubting about what you say with regards to BF4. I do question what you say about AC4:BF though. ------ I believe that both games are massively bugged to hell. --- Especially AC4:BF on the PS4 and XBone. --- This lawsuit has been a long time coming. --------- Games publishers/developers having taken the **** out of the customer base for far to long. They rely heavily on the internet to solve problems that should never have gotten past their QA departments. And its all in the name of making sure they get their product first. ----- All i know is, i hope a few more games companies get the same treatment and, should they be found in breach of the applicable laws, i hope that it will serve as a message to get it right from the get go.

lucky bugger i am

bf4 crashed (dont bother running it anymore) so much just gave up.. AC:BF has YET to crash on me. i have never had it error or slow down, or freeze or anything (ps4) granted i bought AC after a few ps4 patches.. but the BF4 crashes are running rampant even still.. AC > BF hands down. i played 2 hrs of AC and felt i had already justified my $60 purchase.


it's all about money now days. Before, a company would release a FINISHED game...we'd play it, enjoy it and beat it then move on. Some people would spend a lot of time looking for bugs or glitches just for fun. The key there is SPEND A LOT OF TIME !! Now days these companies are FORCED to release unfinished games, forced by their investors who simply want their money NOW !! They have no interested in the product(game) at all. In recent years they've even found more ways to milk us of MORE money. subscription based games, DLC, games like skylanders that you have to BUY the characters of the game. Remember the game MEGAMAN ? Imagine how ****** you'd be if you had to go out and BUY a BOSS figure, just to fight that boss in order to progress in the game???? We're not even given complete games anymore. They just continually want MORE and MORE money for the same amount of product. Greed is destroying this planet.


Mcnuggets are far below 50% chicken, I still like em. Likewise, I've had no problem on BF4 maybe I'm lucky. I also played the Beta, which did have some bugs I had problems with, and the game was released not long after that. Bugs get fixed though, that's what updates are for, every gamer knows this and should never complain about it. It's like with the Diablo 3 launch, boohoo you didn't get to play the first day or two, neither did I, you're not going to die, it got fixed, and you enjoyed it, get over it. And I seriously doubt it had a positive or negative impact on sales. But EA should push back release dates knowing anything beforehand, that doesn't hurt either, we can wait a few more weeks for a game to release.

I would love to see you go

I would love to see you go out, buy a brand new car and not have it work right for say 1-2 month while they work out the 30+ kinks. Too extreme? Maybe go to see the new lord of the rings and the 3D doesn't work, the sound cuts out from time to time. Maybe half way though the projector stops and they have to restart the movie. Then your seat fails, your soda cup starts to leak, the fire alarm starts going off.... My point being where else do you go, pay out your money and get something that's still in beta stage and wait a few months for them to fix it. This is a product they are selling and selling as finished! If your going to release something with a **** load of bugs and errors advertise it a such! Say something like "BF4 available Oct 29th but not playable until Nov.5th and won't be fun because of bugs until sometime in Dec-Jan!" Anyway that aside, the main point is that EA was lying to investors.... that's a big no no these days.

I've had recalls on my truck,

I've had recalls on my truck, didn't have a problem with that, I don't mind the wait while being fixed, and I still drove it for a couple weeks before even taking it in after I got the recall letter, just like I play the game before patches come out. And I don't care for 3D or any other gimmicks in movies, I just want to watch the movie, I do that with my eyes, no gimmick glasses. And I had BF4 since day 1, I had no problems. Actually I believe the only people who complained and "had problems" were COD fans.

lol, did the Navy turn you

lol, did the Navy turn you away or something? What does a branch of the Military have to do with this post? But anyways, if you feel the need to get your frustration out on the armed forces go for it lol, I could care less. I've heard a lot worse then that to my face, and been shot at for being part of it, so a few words aren't going to ***** my skin.

Everything fails and never

Everything fails and never lives up to expectation so that makes it alright, if only there were easier ways for people to take my money without me noticing. My BF4 hasn't worked since day 1 I actually bought COD 2 straight after and tried to play that if you actually want to call it a game. And as to why you continue to use your name on a forum where all the other replies are anonymous defies logic, i feel insulted to have the same first name as you. One can always dream of a better world like the apocalypse or that they may one day have a cure for stupid better than evolution or electro convulsive therapy. Anyone who doesn't care for 3dtv obviously doesn't have a active3d tv with IMAX documentaries or for that matter anything resembling a proper 3DTV. I am not the type of person that would normally promote suicide but I think we could all part of generation better. Find out more >... why do i even come to this site.

Comprehension is a good thing

Entirely irrelevant, the story is about investors who believe false claims were made in regards to the quality of a flagship product, while those with inside knowledge were able to sell their stock at high prices prior to the release of the product which has not met the lofty claims of it's publishers. Dodgy and potentially illegal conduct is the subject and comprehension is a good thing.

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