Battlefield 4 Banned In China

Battlefield 4 Banned In China

China has officially banned Battlefield 4 after declaring it a threat to the country's national security.

The Chinese Ministry of Culture also accused the game of being a form of cultural invasion. As a result, the ministry issued a notice prohibiting all materials related to the game in any form, including game downloads, demos, patch downloads, and news reports.

Battlefield 4 takes place in 2020 where the United States army is helping Chinese government fight off a Russian-aided coup.

Earlier this month, state-run newspaper China Military, said Battlefield 4 is a new form of "cultural invasion" that "smears China's image." Evidently, Chinese officials aren't thrilled to see the Chinese government asking for U.S. help in the game. Not to mention that the game suggests that a coup might take place in the united nation of China.

The word "ZhanDi4", the Chinese translation for Battlefield 4, has already been censored in all major Chinese social networks and search engines. Nonetheless, reports indicate that Chinese gamers are sharing the name through peer-to-peer using its English name and/or the acronym "BF4."