EA's new Ignite Sports Engine Doesn't Support PC, Yet


EA has built a brand new version of its Ignite engine for the next-generation of sports games, but unfortunately at the moment it doesn't support the PC - though it may well do in the future.

This was announced by executive vice president at EA, Sports, Andrew Wilson, who said to Polygon that the average hardware spec of most PCs wouldn't capable of handling the new engine. It was specifically designed with the DirectX11 hardware found in the Xbox One and PS4 systems in mind, as well as taking into consideration specific points like large bodies of RAM.

You hear that guys? He thinks your PC isn't on par with the next-generation of consoles.

While that might seem insulting to "proper" gamers, he may have a point. A lot of pc players are gaming away on outdated video cards, with small volumes of RAM - you only have to watch the heel dragging load times of the average League of Legends player to know that not everyone is gaming on the latest and greatest.

However, what Wilson seems to be missing here is that you don't need cutting edge hardware to play most modern games. Memory prices are cheap too. If his engine needs 8GB, well everyone can get on that train for around $60. It needs DirectX 11? That's easy, as anyone with a 5 series AMD GPU going forward has that covered.

Considering Microsoft ran its Xbox One demos at E3 on a Windows 7 PC, it seems cheeky to suggest that the next-gen of these sports games is so powerful that the average PC couldn't play it.

Just give up some decent graphics options Mr Wilson.

What do you guys think?

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Comparing PC to Console is like Apple to oranges. They both computers but they aint even close to the same kind. PC hardware is made for PC operating systems (I.e. Windows,Linux,etc.). It's designed and engineered to run a whole bunch of stuff with a wide variety of input/output sources. Console is designed to play console games period. They can run 256 bit cpu( years away in the pc world) because the hardware isn't designed for any universal use, it is designed to run games. Console and PC are both types of computers and they both play games but the similarities end there. Comparing graphics is redundant because they both process graphic information in different ways.


I have a friend that works at EA and he said that there are no plans of EA making anymore games on PC. Simcity sales weren't good enough for them to continue to make games on PC. They don't take the blame for that game being a huge pile of ****. It's not their fault. It's our fault for not buying it.


LOL retarted Moron.... BF 4 is comming out on PC and u just said simcity sales were good enough, i recently read an article saying the complete opposite even if the game went very bad at 1st , it sold out pretty good. So just STFU mkoron

The nerve!

They choose to include that "always on" DRM crap, most people don't wanna deal with that and choose not to buy the game. Probably didn't sell well because of that, as most gamers don't want that hassle. So, obviously it's our fault. The nerve!


hear good things about the new 'the last of us' but even uncharted 3 had no AA or very low levels @ 720p it looked awful imo but acceptable for a console running such old hw. I just cant stand anything but complete beauty considering I'm used to the image quality churned out using an i7 and a gtx670.

So many overprotective pc

So many overprotective pc fans. go re read what he said! yes pcs CAN be much more powerful than consoles HOWEVER average pcs are not as advance. IF you have sixty million exact same pieces of tech which have 8gig of ram then they can write code and know it will perform the same on all.

I also believe the average pc

I also believe the average pc gamers a a bit behind but let's face it; most pc gamers got at least 8gigs of ram these days and the fact that the consoles will have an operating system inside will almost make things more even. Id say with 12-16gb a pc gamer will be fine to follow any game console for this generation. Their CPUs are not out-of-this-world and the 3dcard look like some 160$ middleware. What's nice in my view for this generation of consoles is that they use the same sort of pc architecture so their won't be much excuses not to port games to pc after a while. No more custom toshiba-ibm chip. A new generation will as usual force most pc gamers to upgrade their rigs and that can only be a good thing.

PC's are way better than the next gen consoles!

Actually, PC's are still more advanced than any of the new consoles. Both the xbox and playstation use versions of the same graphics cards you can get for a PC. Consoles never have and never will be close to PC's in graphics or performance. Because they will always be limited to what hardware comes in them and never be upgradable. A PC gets upgraded all the time. I guess if you just go buy a walmart special pc, then the next-gen consoles would be better. But if you have half a clue, you can get a really nice PC that is better than any of the consoles coming out.

Tough to compare, every PC

Tough to compare, every PC being different makes it hard to optimize a game like you can on console, which is standardized hardware. Ps3's gpu is not that great, the "rough" equivalent of a 7800GT I read somewhere once, yet it can pull off a game like Uncharted, which looked amazing to me. I think also with ps3 the cpu plays a larger role in graphics than PC traditionally does (saw a show once talking about Killzone 2, where the CPU cores were applying the post-processing effects, whereas on PC traditionally post-process is done by the video card). For me personally I like console better, but that's me.

Far from par.

PC's are way beyond. They always are & always will be. The last 3 generations of consoles have been built on outdated PC technology & it always shows. Mr. EA is just trying to help sell more consoles. He probably knows they are dying, like anyone with half a brain does. So he's gotta tell all the low speed ***** like you that your *******consoles are bad ***.

EA Next-Gen Dis-Information

I agree totally, EA has millions of PC Customers and they are just fine there, but here they are making games for consoles that have yet to even be sold, so EA is gambling with alot of money that they made from the PC market on the next gen garbage which we all know is not Next-Gen, 8 gigs of Ram is not Next-Gen, and any computer sold withing the last 3 years since windows 7 supports Direct X 11, and that means that the Graphics chip that the factory shipped with it, is Direct X 11 compliant so all that Direct X stuff he said is just flat out lies. You can look through some of the Rigs pictured on the right on the Megagames website and find many PC's that are way more advanced, I seen one on here the other day that had an 8 core processor, a titan graphics card with 8 gigs ram and 96 gigs of system ram!!! Now That's Next-Gen! They are trying to increase console sales so they can recoup some of the money they know they are gonna loose because they know one console will be the more popular so the money they spend on the other console games (Sony) they just have to accept the fact that they are gonna loose millions because they dont know which one to go with so they try and do both, just like if you have two horses racing, you dont know which one will win so you bet on both knowing ahead of the time that you are gonna loose the money on one of the bets that looses. Thats EA's Business Model...

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