Eidos GM: Innovation Is Not Needed In Sophisticated Games

Eidos Montreal general manager Stéphane D'Astous believes that the sophistication of modern games eliminates the need for innovation and new game mechanics.

"Games are more and more sophisticated; it's less based on one or two mechanics. I think this replaces the necessity of having new IPs," he pondered. "Innovation and ideas are important, but if you're able to bring forward an existing IP to bring new types of experiences, I think people will buy them, because they know they can relate to a franchise they've played before."

"A major re-launch of a title like Deus Ex and Thief, we considered it almost like a new IP, certainly in the effort. So we bring back something from the cult classics. This is maybe not considered new IP, but it brings a new flavor."

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Were just cash cows to these

Were just cash cows to these companies they just want our money and dont care if they rape us over otherwise there the MASTER RACE after all ... no creative spirit left alive on earth except in a few truly well made games (i.e: The Witcher & Witcher 2 and Mass effect 1 through 2 & 3 up until before the Citadel anyway), maybe cod but deus ex 3 was a waste of money as far as I was concerned and nothing like the original and even less like deus 2 invisible war, which I thought was brilliant.

We will continue to buy their games until we wise up to the fact that these game companies only want our money and do not care if they deliver crap, which they mostly do these days.. note the ME3 debacle!!!!!

I Almost Believed You !

I expected DEUS EX 3 to be finished in a Non-Lethal way, like in the original first game, which had several ways of accomplishing your objectives. And i experienced that they didn't do it, and simply cut it out to BOSS FIGHTS and a 3 way ending for simply touching a button. if that's not being lazy....

I agree....

This dude is bang on the money.

Bored seeing weird weapons/gimmicks in the name of tricking ten-year-old's onto annoying their parents into buying a game.

The game companies then look at the sales figures and think that's the way forward?

Bubble shall burst...hear ye me!


How does that even work,
We're making a sequel but we're treating as a new IP so we can change whatever we like but we're not going to do anything new but instead include stuff from the original to make it exciting. Ssooo a sequel then.

WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SAY THAT. We're making a sequel, some stuff will be different. DUH

Also thief 4 has been in the WIP stage for some years, you may not have heard anything as it's been that long since it was last mentioned. but if DXHR was anything to go by, I wouldn't get excited about it. After all Thief 3 was 3rd person which killed a lot of the emersion, so 4 is probably going to be a top down, diablo/commandos cross

Says the company that

Says the company that actually made a huge step BACKWARDS from the original game, and even from the second installment. Maybe we don't need innovation, but could you at least stick with what's working, and not dumb it down?

Wait what? they are working

Wait what? they are working in a new thief game? Mother of god I never read about it before! Hell yeah!... ok, more on to the article, releasing new games of old IPs should never stand in the way of innovation, ever. It's a stupid thing to belive that there is no need to come up with something different just because we already have good remakes to do.

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