Elder Scrolls Online launches with new fancy trailer

Incase you didn't realise, the Elder Scrolls Online is now finally available but to make sure you're fully aware of that fact, Zenimax and Bethesda have released an epic new CGI trailer for the game. Featuring elves and Orthanc Tower homages, along with massive battle scenes worthy of Lord of the Rings extras this is an epic introduction.

Now I just want to watch a whole movie like this.

Featuring, guts, glory, evlish spell casting and full scale war, this is a really eye catching way to introduce the game which is now available on PC and Mac OSX. Xbox One and PS4 versions will be ready by June.

Of course though, this doesn't represent gameplay at all. No where in the game can you hog-tie other players and force them to magically turn to dust every living thing within a half mile, or a large variety of other things shown in the trailer, but hey, it's a CGI intro for an MMO, World of Warcraft's (for the time) great looking one was nothing like it's gameplay, so we should be jaded enough to expect that at this point.

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So basically an mmo devoid of

So basically an mmo devoid of mods, porn, dragons, children, arrow in the knee, dwemer, falmer, chickens, birds, ducks quak quak, hags, old people, shouts, magical ponies and a crazed wizard that lives in an alternate dimension called steve?? ....How much again??!!

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