Elder Scrolls V Scheduled For 2011 And Uses New Engine

During the Spike TV Video Game Awards, Bethesda's Todd Howard took the stage to unveil the latest title in its famous Elder Scrolls RPG franchise, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Scheduled for release on November 11, 2011, Skyrim is being developed by Bethesda in-house and will be released for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC simultaneously.

The game will utilize a new in-house engine which builds on Gamebyro engine which powered Oblivion and Fallout 3. No info was given about the gameplay except that the story revolves around dragons who fear a person known as the "Dovahkiin".

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Fallout 4, GTA 10, fuck off..

just gimme my old N64, and Goldeneye, I'll rip all you mofos up,

Pistols, Facility/Complex, One Shot one Kill.

100 Kills / 0 Deaths in your face


Oblivion was fuckin amazing when it came out

Oblivion when it first came out was completely revolutionary, this included the engine (which was incredibly stable). Maybe you have problems with your PC because I have not. Fallout and New Vegas on the other hand were both not as stable; New Vegas more so. But Oblivion was like nothing anyone had seen before and I believe Skyrim will do just the same.

Man you have a low end pc or

Man you have a low end pc or maybe u dont know how to configure it correctly?
I had and internet cafe with atleast 12 pcs each with different configurations and hardware and i never had problems with oblivion norfallout or even vegas. u really need to get a new comp.

new elder scrolls info!

Sorry to hear your limited hardware (either cheap pc with onboard sound and non updated drivers), or console (which was pushed to its limits for the last game, and likely running in a hot airspace) gave you issues.
Most people really dig the huge size and open world gameplay this series is known for.
Or maybe you were running a PC with one of countless mods released that bolstered the origional game and keeps it cutting edge on todays systems (qarls texture pack anyone? weather mods, dual wielding.. etc etc)..
But go ahead and try and pick on it.
Personally am glad to hear it may be using a new engine/or adding extras to the last one.
Your lack of anything substantial to say suggests you are not so open minded as to add mods, or even, likely enjoy the games finer points.. good for you to have grown up in a era where gaming has so many titles to choose from.. I guess you don't dig the subtle stuff this game got right, or hope for new stuff that might get implemented.. What I am sure of is that the Elder Scrolls community will not miss your membership.
Yay to get an update on this (I logged into megagames on the hope that something might have been added regarding info for this game.. now I know its name!)
suppose I will have to look around for the new mechwarrior due for release at the end of this year (!?! grins)
cheers to bethesda! epic people epic.
(50-60 people working on the last game for quite a few years,.. the way an rpg should be, and oh boy did the consoles benefit from such a giant of a RPG ready that was ready for their releases. RPGs usually come out around the same time as the second gen titles, with vastly inferior graphics.. something Oblivion did away with)

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