Escape to PC for Snake Plissken

Namco announced that it has secured the rights to develop and publish video games based on action hero character, Snake Plissken, from the feature films "Escape from New York" and "Escape from LA."

Legendary director John Carpenter, producer Debra Hill and actor Kurt Russell own the Snake Plissken character rights and will be working with Namco on the development of the video games. The first of multiple titles featuring Plissken will launch in time for Christmas 2005.

Working with both the original team from "Escape" and the developers at Namco allows Kurt, Debra and me to reach a whole new generation of Snake fans and still be true to the original movie, said John Carpenter.

Bringing Snake into the video game world should be a blast, said actor Kurt Russell.

The popular Escape movies were introduced in the early 1980s, and have created a huge cult following. The property has already expanded into other forms of entertainment including a bi-monthly comic book titled John Carpenter's Snake Plissken Chronicles, as well as action figures, novelizations and Japanese anime.

The Snake Plissken character raised the bar for cinematic action heroes and Namco's video game intends to be just as revolutionary in the interactive arena. The action-epic game will feature Snake battling his way through a post-apocalyptic universe using a combination of fists, firearms, stealth and brains. Just as in the films, Snake will face intense and challenging situations, which will require the player to make quick decisions and take decisive actions. With a rich storyline and Kurt Russell providing the authentic Snake Plissken voice and attitude, this game will be a tribute to Snake fans and gamers worldwide.

Snake Plissken is a pop-culture icon and Kurt Russell's portrayal of Snake set the standard by which many action heroes followed, said Andre Emerson, Senior Producer for Namco.

The opportunity to now extend the Snake Plissken character through a video game franchise is a dream come true for us. We will be partnering directly with series creators John Carpenter, Debra Hill, and Kurt Russell to create a dangerous universe where players can live Snake's past, present and future adventures first hand.

I am thrilled "Snake Plissken Chronicles" will soon be an exciting new action game from Namco, said producer Debra Hill. This reinvention of Snake in a multi-media world that did not exist 20 years ago only reinforces our belief that the character is universal in his appeal and ageless in the marketplace.

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Escape to PC for Snake Plissken

Those two movies made by John Carpenter with movie star Kurt Russell are very good movies. all they're saying in the description is true. These are really action packed movies ! if you didnt saw them, GO RENT THEM !!!! NOW !!!!!!! :)

Escape to PC for Snake Plissken

Well actually the metal gear solid suggestion was likely more of a homage than an actual suggestion that it is him. Besides the story is somewhat different in nature.Im more intrested in the kind of engine they intend to have for this. If they try to do something like the movies then likely it will require different hubs each with its own style of enemy and style of fighting like if you fight in the hollywood area in Escape From LA you deal with men in robes and genetic freaks or if you leave that zone and enter the kid punk area you find kids carrying uzis while driveing surfer cars.That also brings up vehicles since some of the vehicles ranged anywhere from taxi cabs to armored helicopters. The best part though is likely to be the artificial intelligence which will require you to interact with various character in order to gain information or even someone to cover your ass if you go into a fire fight.Either way this engine if its FPS based then possibly they might want to go with the HL2 engine but if its third person based then maybe they should lease the engine from grand theft auto vice city. Either way there is plenty to consider with a franchise that has so many possible opportunities for something great.

Escape to PC for Snake Plissken

Actually the movie came out before the japs created MGS which was in 1988, Japan is the cult center for everything that comes out. But i do agree, i do like MGS, but john C should feel ripped off totally. But otherwise go Plissken... MGS and Escape are the same premise, Sneaking and stealth mobilization...

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