European PlayStation 3 Seizures Lifted And LG Fined

LG's triumph over Sony was short lived as a court in Hague has lifted the prejudgment seizure order on PlayStation 3 stock in Europe.

Even more, the court ordered LG to pay a fine of €130,000 with an extra €200,000 for each day passing before the fine was paid.

It is worth noting that the new ruling and the fine are concerned with the prejudgment seizure only and has no effect on the original case in which LG seeks a royalty payment of $2.50 to $2.55 for each Blu-ray device sold by Sony.

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how can lg even be so stupid to try everone knows that sony made blu-ray form the ground up + LG was makeing HD-DVD players no blu-ray at all saying blu-ray wouldnt make it. sony was the only one pumping money to building blu-ray wile even microsoft was all for hd-dvd hence 360 had hd-dvd player add on and no blu-ray


Business politics, learn them nothing is really owned by anyone that includes ideas, patents and rights. However to sue someone over any of the stated your case must be backed with dirty money for there to even be a chance in hell of winning squat.

In LG's case they provoked the wrong kind of attention and got burned, what is more interesting is why they did it.


I will never buy, recommend, check, take an interest in or even read up on an LG product ever again in my entire life ...times are tough and LG wants to be a douche bag ...have a nice life.

LOL indeed.... when are they

LOL indeed.... when are they going to learn that you cant pick on SONY one of the largest companys in the world.

It happen in 1995 with the psone. than with the ps2 and now with the ps3. each and ever time those who picked or bullyed SONY have failed. this is another great day for Sony. and sony shouldnt pay anything to the dumb assholes at LG. Lifes good? bullshit when your claiming something that is not true at all. Life is more short lived for a company that sues for no reason but to get ahead of another company and for this you have lost me from buying your dumb lame ass products

* Breaks LG Prime phone, Take that!!*


You guys are dumb LG Helped with the development in the Blu-Ray player/device. Sony got pissed off at LG for using some of Sony's Info in there LG Phone and Sony as been using the Tech that LG Created for the Blu-Ray player with out any kind of Re-Emberssmant thats why this is all happening cause SONY is being a Whiny Bitch so LG Just fought back you'll see This shit is going to hit the fan.

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