First AMD Radeon HD 8000M Series Details

Out of the blue, AMD has released the first official information regarding its upcoming Radeon HD 8000M series of mobile GPUs.

The Radeon HD is the second generation of graphics cards based on AMD’s GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture which was introduced by the Radeon HD 7000 series. That said, the new card’s GPU is a brand new design manufactured using 28nm process.

More details will be revealed during CES, a couple of weeks from now, but we already know that the Radeon HD 8000 is 100% DirectX 11.1 compliant. According to AMD, the new design is an improvement over Radeon HD 7000 in terms of both power efficiency and performance.

The first members of the Radeon HD 8000 family will be the 8500M, the 8600M, the 8700M and 8800M. The first three cards will sport 384 Stream Processors with engine clocks of 650MHz for the 8500M, 775MHz for the 8600M and 850MHz for the 8700M. The most powerful of the bunch will be the Radeon HD 8800M will sport 640 Stream Processors with 700MHz engine clock. All cards except the 8800M will be available in 1000 MHz GDDR3 and 1125MHz GDDR5 variants. The Radeon HD 8800M will be equipped with 1125MHz GDDR5 memory exclusively.

Make sure to check AMD’s benchmark results in the screens tab.

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fact is weve reached the

fact is weve reached the limit of integrated processing . . . for now. al we are doing now is minituarizing the tech more and more, its not getting better at all . . . my 5-6yr old HD4850 can play AC3, C2, FarCry3, and every other game ive thrown at it, at the max settings without even a hiccup . . . and that card is the newest part in my system. im going to save my money, and wait till they release those nifty triphase gate Qprocessors, and the hardware/software that can support it.

Areńt you fed up

It is always the same.Keep your money and keep your vga for now until there is really important changes happening. They already have in their hands a better card but it is just all business. It´s like phones nowadays. People really need to focus on the software and not the hardware. For a simple experience I own a 4000€ computer and I ´ve never been playing that much on emulators (C=64 and all). It´s like all.There is the apparance and the innerself. What you prefer? Up to you?

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