First Wii U Game Reviews Come In

Games Master

The first reviews for Wii U games have appeared in the latest issue of Games Master, just under two weeks before the release of Nintendo's next gen machine. The games in question are Nintendo Land and New Super Mario Bros. U, two of the main launch titles for the console.

Surprisingly, Nintendo land comes in higher in the rankings, with an overall score of 86 per cent. Super Mario Bros. U on the other hand didn't do quite so well, sitting a little lower, at 82 per cent. This is less than the 87 per cent metacritic review score that the original New Super Mario Bros had on the Wii.

Describing Nintendo Land, the mag said that there's, "a heck of a lot more to it" than just a tool for showing off the capabilities of the gamepad - arguably what could be said about games like Wii Sports and the Wiimote. Apparently the minigames that are "some of the most innovative, raucous and party-fuelling fun we've ever had with a console," include Luigi's Mansion, Animal Crossing and Mario Chase.

While the new Mario Bros. title wasn't quite as spectacular, it still reviewed well with GM who said that it bodes well for the future of Mario on the platform.

The Wii U is set for release on November 18th at a base price of $299. This will get you 8GB of internal storage, but if you want more storage you'll have to shell out another $50 to get the 32GB version.

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grandads own all classic **** games no need for HD

all the granddads i know already own all the atari bullshit excuses for a game that should have been left and forgotten and condemned to the history books for good. on their wiis and these so-called classics, wii u can't do **** for, in order to make them look any better... some don't even have sound! so they're pretty happy with the wii, mums on the other hand are okay with their bullshit wiifit... all in all, i can't see this going anywhere. Nintendo got lucky with wii and all the old games that have been available to the rest of us in the emulating scene for free. and lucky with brain training for and cooking bollocks for the ds... but times have changed, we have the mighty apple so sony and nintendo can't just do the same old **** anymore. i fear nintendo will do a sega soon.

Deluxe is not just more space

The deluxe model its not more internal space for 50$ Its a support for the game pad + nintendoland (or zombieu + gamepro for 90$ instead 50$) + deluxe online service (10% discont on online games for 2 years) + more space. So its always preferable to buy the deluxe over the normal if you want to get Nintendo Land or ZombiU Also, if it was for space, you can get a 1TB external storage for 60$ and plub it in, its not about the storage that maters

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