Forbes: AMD Tech Used In PlayStation 4

Former AMD employees have told Forbes that Sony will be using AMD technology for its next PlayStation console.

In the current generation, AMD graphics chips power Microsoft's Xbox 360 while Sony's PlayStation 3 is powered by Nvidia's chips.

Needless to say, both AMD and Sony declined to confirm or deny the existence of PlayStation 4 let alone its graphics card.

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I have an old ISA video card. It's good enough in my opinion. I mean come on people! How hard is it to realize that a .4 bit image is all it takes to give flight to our starved imaginations. I'm being overly generous too...this is totally overkill for today's standards. Btw, the leaked Doom 4 images are proving to be useful as replacement toilet paper. poopoo fanny butthole


Dunno about the butt wipes argument, but sounds like Doom 4 might just be a ginormous patch to both Doom 3 and RAGE. Who knows maybe some jackass dev fell asleep on the potty and left it at 8bit graphics.

Pc gamer

I hate the "graphics are good enough" argument. No they are not! I'm not saying they make or break a game but if used properly they can add loads of immersion and atmosphere. Where would we be if we thought any technology was "good enough".

And I if this was a perfect world the Playstation would use Xbox remotes. But that's my opinion

consoles suck

game graphics would be miles ahead if consoles had better tech, they are slowing down the release of awsome looking graphics that could be out now.!!! PC will up their game again with next gen graphic cards ......cant wait for nvidia maxwell.........

current genreation consoles

current genreation consoles entered into existence with bleeding edge graphics cards only surpassed by pc 1 month after release ..this up and coming generation of console has a 6679 gpu (in 720 at least ) this is not only a generation old but not even mid range its low end last generation gpu .what are they thinking ????
and to cap it all off there not out for at least another year so amd will probly have the 8000 series out by then !!!!

For a start, PC's and

For a start, PC's and console's are very different. You have to remember that a console is not having to run an O/S like windows in the background which takes up a huge chunk of the resouces. You also have to think about size. Most modern day graphics cards are HUGE and I don't think people want a mammoth console sat under their TVs. And look at the Ureal 3 engine. It still looks amazing even today and even after its upgrades runs fine and look at the GPU in the 360 ! It's not all about how fancy and realistic the games look and how powerful you make the GPU, it's how coders can work with the GPU and make the most out of it.

Mammoth Console?

No most people probably don't want a giant box under their TV that only plays video games, when they could have a box that does everything ("everything" is much more than a PS3 does by the way). Considering all the stupid fucking boxes that a PC replaces, I'll take the PC.

What does the size of a PC video card have to do with the level of GPU used in a console? If that's true it's a 6670 in the 720, which it probably isn't, but if it is, it's laughable. That's about the same as a 3-4 year old Radeon HD 4850 but with DX11 support. Good chip, 3-4 years ago.

But then whats the point of

But then whats the point of next gen, or whats the point of advancing hardware at all, I am not saying that graphics is the most important thing in games in fact I like old games better then 90% of the games that were made in current console lifespan, but I sure they could do better.

The article (directly above

The article (directly above if you need to read it again) begins "Former AMD employees".. AMD themselves have not said anything, and Sony certainly haven't announced the ps4; hence any talk about its hardware is pure speculation.

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