Free To Play MechWarrior Online Collects $5 Million In Preorders

MechWarrior Online has managed to collect $5 million in preorders despite the fact that it is a Free-To-Play title.

This feat was achieved thanks to clever marketing campaign engineered developer Piranha Games and publisher Infinite Game. As part of that campaign, MechWarrior fans were given a choice of paying $30, $60 or $120 that would be redeemed later as in-game currency while giving them access to the game’s closed beta. Players who pay $60 or more were also offered exclusive mechs.

Piranha Games stopped the campaign only after it reached its $5 million goal.

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Even if all they sold were Legendaries that's over 40,000 users. I only ever see less than 3,000 on at a time & just over 3,000 during the so called stress test a while back. PGI did say they had "tens of thousands of users across the world though" so, I suppose. I wonder where MG got that info from?

there is no pay to win in MWO

there is no pay to win in MWO the founders mechs are exactly the same as the regular mechs but with a unique skin on them it confers no tactical advantage , no extra firepower, no advantage from monetary spending an Atlas AS7-D (standard) is identical in capabilities to a Atlas AS7-DF (Founders) the biggest difference is you start with 1-4 mechs that you out right own instead of needing to play several games in a trial mech and yet anyone can skip their time in trial mechs for $ however if you are new to the game/universe it is best to play it out in the trial mechs for a while ,until you know the ropes

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