GeForce GTX 580 Released And Benchmarked

True to our earlier reports, Nvidia has released its latest Fermi-based GPU, the GeForce GTX 580, which - the company touts - "has been reengineered from the transistor-level up to deliver increased power efficiency and performance over previous generation products."

Hardware reviews have shown than the new GTX 580 consistently outperforms its predecessor, the GTX 480, and its closest rival, AMD's Radeon HD 6870, by at least 20%.

The GeForce GTX 580 also utilizes a new "vapor chamber thermal solution" which allows it to be much cooler and quitter than the GeForce GTX 480.

The GeForce GTX 580 is available today for a recommended retail price of $500 from the world's leading add-in card partners, including ASL, ASUS, Colorful, ECS, EVGA, Gainward, Galaxy, Gigabyte, Innovision 3D, Jetway, Leadtek, MSI, Palit, Point of View, PNY, Sparkle, Zotac and others.

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Mahal boss

with $500 to have this GPU, I think it's too expensive and out of reach for common user. i think the CUDA from nVidia is really interesting but on the second thought the price to have it is really crazy, with $500 i can buy ATI 6870, upgrade my harddrive and my memory. that's a better idea i think rather than buy GPU worth $500, MAHAL BOSS

not for everyone

This GPU is meant for people that can spend that kind of money just like that, if you cant afford it dont buy, stick to what you can afford. This GPU is the best, whining about the price it's just pointless, it's obvious is not going to be cheap.

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Closest rival, the 6870?
Why? 'Cause it's the newest?
The 5870 outperforms the 6870.

The 6870 is only meant to be a mid-range card, and AMD's high-end card is coming at the end of the month (or so I hear).

God I hate how everything has to be a competition these days, it's pathetic.

Opinion of Nvidia for the last few years

Nvidia, WTF happen to you niggas. Beefing with Intel. Beefing with AMD. Your asses gonna end up like a 3dfx. SOLD. Better get your game on and do this shit properly cos AMD/ATI Raping your moms 24/7. Also your sisters your bothers and your grandmas HAHHHAHA. Punk Ass Smelly Looking Niggas. West Side Niggas


But it's still worse price/performance ratio than the ATI counterparts, adn you still need 2 to run 3 or more displays...

I've owned and loved every Nvidia card as ATI that I've had, but right now, ATI )sorry, AMD) is still teh way to go. But their driver team is still on drugs.


Looks like it's AMD/ATI's time to lead the GPU market again, then Intel and nVidia can have it back in four years. *LOL*

The cycle continues...

Closest rival?

So the midrange 6870 is the GTX580 rival? 6870 is just AMD's newest card. The 5970 is still AMD's high end card and rival for now. I suppose you thought the people reading this don’t know about how AMD changed the numbers or you don’t so here it is.6850/6870/6950/6970/6990 with the 6970 being the 580's single gpu rival when it comes out. Ok enough with that. The 580 is a power house but at $550-$590 is just crazy when the 5970 still beats it in a lot of stuff and 2 6870's really beat it but CF is a love/hate kind of thing but 2 6870's are cheaper. AMD claims the single gpu 6970 will out do the 580 so a "585 maybe called just guessing" will probably be released after the 6970. I understand why you put the 6870 in this article but can’t understand why you left the 5970 out since most reviews had all 3 cards going at it. Wait I do understand your a Nvida fan. Some people like me have sevarl PC's and have both brands so how about being fare to both.


Hey toolbag, citing numbers isn't playing for one side or the other. Next AMD card that hits the market will get a writeup just like this one. If you can call it that - it's like 6 sentences. It's obvious from your tirade that you are an AMD/ATI fanboy who can't spell. Why do you bother bitching about nothing to someone who's only doing their job? Go back to your pathetic digital life and leave the real world alone.

Another mad nvidia fan

Well that guy does sound like an ATI fan, just like you sound like an Nvidia fan. He went a bit overboard but correct. The 6870 is no rival to the GTX580 and was never supposed to be. This article was saying it was so maybe your to much of a toolbag or nvidia fanboy to understand that.


I was leaning towards the AMD cards but with lack of 3D and physX i'm leaning back towards nvidia since i've been waiting for guild wars 2 forever and their really utilizing PhysX and 3D in the game and not just things blowing up things like how the grass interacts with you as you walk and stuff that would make the world look amazing imo. It also seems that PhysX will be used more and more in newer games so id like to have the option to turn it on when it does.


Its a bit of a pain but even on windows7 with AMD as main you can still have a nvida card installed for physX. As far as 3D the 6XXX suports it but its 3rd party dependent. So nvidia performs better there.

the 580 is currently the

the 580 is currently the faster card just go to some decent review sites to look at for yourself.

however GO AMD/ATI.
I hope the next card the 6970 is what is cracked up to be otherwise there will be a good amount of crossover back to nvidia.

- AMD - ATI -

- Microsoft

That's my poison the rest is dated garbage.

Ati's normal line cards at the moment are beating the snot out of GTX it's not even funny, bench tests can clearly show performance gain on ATI gaming graphics vs GTX line of professional grade stuff. We have not even scratched the surface with ATI's Firepro series and as an owner of Firepro graphics I can tell you GTX is not even on the same page hell it's not even in the same universe.

Where are you leading the market Nvidia?

“has been reengineered from the transistor-level up to deliver increased power efficiency and performance over previous generation products.”

Think I'll wait two to three months till AMD releases their new line of CPU/GPU in one on the same dye chip, that alone put a 180mm hole to this GTX BS.

be careful what you say. in

be careful what you say. in the united states yes, ATI is cheaper but in other parts of the world, even just north of the border, nvidia is the cheaper one, and has been though out the last few years.

also Nvidia has had a competitor to the firepro before the firepro even came out, Quadro.

and a cpu/gpu on the same dye will be pointless for a while.(especially since amd hasn't realeased a good cpu in a long time) but, consider the size and heat and power use of a top of the line cpu AND gpu, to make a product thats anything but entry level would be near impossible, or at least offer no benefit over 2 dedicated parts. besides Nvidia basically already has that with Cuda. you can program anything to run off of a Cuda video card, while that means extra programming and software must be dedicated, it also means its far faster than a cpu based program

Your points are BS and

Your points are BS and directed purely towards favoring one over the other yet nowhere do you provide any facts!

There are so many things wrong with Nvidia you can't even begin to fathom, your little potato mind is the industry's sheep and they already have you. Quadro is a joke don't tell me about performance this or fps that. This isn't even looking at the large picture at hand, fact is technology wise ATI is on the cutting edge. Faster DDR, faster shaders, faster processing, support for what matters (DX11) if you plan on being biased atleast give ATI a try before regurgitating trolled news.

I have had Nvidia 9600 and 9800 in the past they just don't compare and cuda is not a programming language, its a cheesy hack developed to interface with things you don't need to touch to begin with. Cuda is not a video card cuda is an architecture that resides within Nvidia's GPU.

I also beg to differ on your comment on cpu/gpu combination, that is purely speculative on your part coming from a gaming angel no doubt. Because on that front ATI is far more than a match, no worries about heating as you could just use liquid cooling on the processor and you instantly have the fastest cpu/gpu in one.

Nvidia should have stuck with Intel rather than jerk their proverbial chain when it could have befitted both of them. Reality dictates there is strength in numbers, you could apply the same logic to ATI/AMD deal you honestly think Nvidia will top that?

i think you work at AMD LOL

First off Cuda is a graphic programming lingo, I work with it on a daily bases and it's the future for 3D applications. Cuda kills render times over 6000% and once the Nivida cards are fast enough to run cuda graphic at real time ATI is in some serous shit. So don't go insulting peoples brain power homo. Cause at that point it's not about the card is about compatibly. And wtf does quadro have anything to do with games, is a professional graphics card meant for designers and not to be brought up on this form. ATI is a good GAMING card that's it. Nividas cards are meant to run everything including professional graphic solutions. And to top it all off, ATI sold to the people that make the shittest processors on the market? lmao. If you want a good GAMing card go with ATI but if you would like to someday look into Maya or XSI or even 3DSmax then go with a cuda base combatable video card.

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