GTA V is crashing some old 360s

GTA V Freeze

A large number of users have been reporting for the past few days, that their versions of Grand Theft Auto V have been crashing - with the main common ground, being that they all have old Xboxs. Not old as in last generation, but old as in, their 360 came from between 2006 to 2008, or was refurbished during that time.

It's been suggested that the reason for the crashes - which usually happen some time after 30 minutes of playing - could be caused by small hard drives and lack of space, since most old models came with just 20GB HDDs at the time. However, some people who upgraded to the larger model hard drives over the past few years, have still found the same problem occurring.

Some people have found specific cut scenes to be causing the problem, one in particular being the ones after the first main mission.

If you're experiencing random freezing and happen to have an older Xbox, there is one fix doing the rounds, though it's not full proof. According to one user who purportedly contacted Rockstar about the issue, you need to do the following:

Delete all GTA V save data
Clear system cache three times (why three times, is not explained)
Delete all marketplace data
Unplug the console and leave it without power for three minutes or more
Plug everything back in and reinstall the first GTA V disc
Power off the console again, before putting in the second disc
Restart the console one more time
Install the second disc

At this point, the game should be playable, in theory, though several people that have tried these long winded steps, are still reporting the freeze problem.

However, it may not be the fault of the old Xbox at all. Rockstar's recent update of its main site FAQ, suggests that it could be caused by a bad disc too.

"Rockstar games frequently read data off the disc, and the following behaviours suggest that the game cannot read the disc and there may be a problem with either the disc or the console," reads the site. Listing "random, non-reproducible crashes and freezes that only happen when using a particular disc or console."

Have any of you experienced these sorts of crashes? If so, are you using an older Xbox? Let us know below.

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keeps restarting

I have the old xbox, I bought a 20GB hard drive and it worked fine for a whole day. The next day I come in and try to play it and it keeps restarting at the menu saying there is a problem. I followed these steps 4 times and it does the same thing. Rockstar better be doing something about this. Can you guys upload a video or something because maybe I'm doing it wrong.

restart cycle...

I have the second generation kinect-360 and I'm having the same storage issues, except my game isn't crashing it's just restarting over and over and showing the message "...restarted due to a problem with the storage device". So if we follow R*'s tips do we lose all of our online and story mode progress???


That's a lie. I'm using a 360 Slim with tge built-in wifi from 2010 with a 250Gb HDD. Older Xbox's my ***. My console didn't start messing up until they dropped that **** 59Mb update. At first I would get a couple of hours of gameplay in, but now my **** crasges within the first ten minutes...EVERY time. R* is trying to blow smoke up your *** while they try to come up with a fix.

gta v crash on older xbox

I'm expirencing the same crash an restart. With my 20gb hard drive I bought a bigger 60 GB an reinstalled only to have same thing happen to me I can't make it past the Franklin intro without a restart. I'm going o try you suggestions its all very frustating


My 360 is 8 months old. i bought it brand new in February 2013 and it has the 320G hard drive and it crashes every 10 min but it didn't do it until after i beat Trevors first mission. This sucks . Its something wrong with the game. Rockstar needs to do something about it.

Old Xbox 360 - GTA V error

Yeah, I'm experiencing the exact same problem. My xbox 360 is from around 2010, maybe earlier, but I'm still getting the error "the game was restarted due to a problem with the storage device." and it keeps restarting and restarting and its driving me crazy. Thanks alot

I found another fix. Turn

I found another fix. Turn your xbox 360 off at the power switch unplug, tip the xbox 360 upside down push it to the left followed by pushing it to the right. Tip the xbox 360 up the right way the repeat the left and right steps. Plug the console back in the power point and turn on. Hit the eject button and quickly unplug from the power point. Next get a group of 5 people and all start dancing around xbox360 make sure to wave hands up in the air as this trick will fail if you dont. After 30min plug the xbox360 back in put in game and walla what do you no the game will work. Or not

Original Post

This article is inaccurate. The problems are not just on Xbox, they're on PS3 too, and not just on older models. I have a 250GB Slim Xbox 360. I was the original poster that gave the fix that Xbox Support provided, not R*. "I've just got off chat with Xbox Support. They advised me this is not an hardware issue and that they have received "a lot complaints about this game" They told me to do this and it worked for me: 1. Delete all GTAV game data. 2. Clear system cache three times. 3. Delete marketplace data from storage system items. 4. Unplug console for three minutes. 5. Install disc 1. 6. Power off, do not insert disc 2. 7. Restart. 8. Install disc 2. 9. Play. If issues persist repeat steps 1-7 then play from disc 2. _____________"

Really? Downtime? Stolen

Really? Downtime? Stolen accounts? Only thing I know about stolen accounts is when someone shares their information with another in order to game share. Calm down and don't be offended by the other guy's comment. Pretty much saying what what he said is pathetic and makes you look worse cause he said it first. Plus Multiple disc is ridiculous I understand your pain.

consoles fail as expected

But that is exelent news. This ones confirms that consoles are for kids, who. not know how to operate a PC. 20gig HD is from the stone age as is the graphics card ancient as well. There is no substitute for upgrading your hardware from time to time. Again MS wil just say, buy a new one!

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