GTA V the Official Trailer Hits

We've seen a load of trailers for GTA V at this point. We've seen a tonne of screenshots, heard a bunch of plot points and possibly even listened to the radio shows from the pre-loaded leaks. Either way though, this is the definitive one. It's not got that much features or definitive information in it, but if you've never heard of GTA or this version of its universe, then it tells you everything you need to know.

We've introduced to the protagonists, their settings, what they're doing and what they have the possibility to do. We see cars, weapons, gunfights, car chases, skydiving and the beautiful environments of the world Rockstar has created: including a desert and a stunning cityscape with impressive draw distances.

We also see what the main focus of the single player campaign will be: robbing people.

This is probably the last trailer we'll see of Grand Theft Auto V before it hits. We might get one more "launch trailer," but this does as good a job as that and by this point, if you haven't gotten excited about the game, you aren't going to.

Personally I'm going to hold out for a PC release and just do my best to steer clear of spoilers. What are you guys planning?

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Mr Timz, no one likes you and if you happen to have any sort of accident, no matter the degree, no one will mind at all and their mood will probably increase not having to pass by your daily stupid and non-constructive comments. Have a nice day away from the internet yourself.

Clearly, you can't tell games

Clearly, you can't tell games apart.. I bet you think Bobble Bubble and Rock Man looks the same too. 1. The graphics are clearly improved. 2. Facial emotions are clearly improved. 3. Characters seem more personal and alive. 4. World looks waaaay more detailed. There's 4 points that I found from just watching this short trailer. If you failed to see these 4 points, your IQ is probably the equivalent of a stone.

1) No

1) No 2) Who cares? 3) They do? Maybe stop pumping your piece of 3d avatars? 4) It does? Prove it. My IQ might be that of a stone, but atleast I have an opinion. You read yours on IGN.

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