GTA V Officially Confirmed

Rockstar has finally made the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto V after months of rumors and speculations.

The company didn't give any details yet beyond a large logo and a promise to release the game's trailer on Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

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I bet we'll be able to play it on a i9 processor. Last time the owners said it was for future computers.. lol but the reality is they'll make it working for ps3 and xbox360, so they won't go far with that. But expect a LOT of super fixes and updates... :S GTA SA was indeed the best release in technical terms they made (and we all had specs to play it on our pcs).

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I'm betting they are going to screw this one up as well with shitty coding just like the last one. I meet more then requirements and i still cant play at maxed settings.

The requirements guarantee

The requirements guarantee you can run the game at minimum settings not max. The recommended specs guaranteed at least medium level, no one publishes specs required to run at max because it becomes more specific than "a 2gb dx11 compatible video card".

No offense

but personally, I am looking forward to Just Cause 3. JC 2 is a ridiculously fun game....I have some great ideas that could be implemented such as multiplayer and a super large 737 jet...possibly with afterburner....among quite a few things that I want to keep secret for now. I highly recommend playing Just Cause 2 especially on a high-end PC. It feels a bit like GTA but takes on a different style and direction. - Douglas Rochford


Why do idiots always claim that one unreleased game will be better than a different unreleased game?

I Am looking forwards to SR3, since the PC version is finally being developed in-house by Volition, and already has some promising info on the PC version. They are fun games, but lack polish.

I'm eagerly awaiting GTA V. I don't scare about story or the character you play. All I'd want is the variety of silliness, gameplay and environments of San Andreas, mixed with the physics, AI, and other technical aspects of GTA IV.

I jsut hope it runs better than the initial GTA IV release did. It plays great after the first 3 patches, but on release, it was annoyingly frustrating.


Saints row 3 is going to be so much better then this pos ever will be...ever heard of games being fun anymore corp assholes?

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