GTA V Online Has Coop Crews, Persistent World and Character Progression


A new multiplayer trailer for Grant Theft Auto V online has been released, giving us a host of new details about the multiplayer portion of the open world crime simulator and it goes far, far further than anything we've seen in a GTA game before.

Some of the most obvious and exciting features include the ability to run around in a persistent world, not one generated for a handful of players. It's not clear at this point how many players will be taking part in any one online world. Theoretically it could be a large amount and presumably there are instances involved to stop it getting too crazy.

That said, crazy will be on the cards, with the ability to take part in, as the voice over woman puts it, "structured and unstructured" activities.

You can run around by yourself, just getting in peoples' ways and causing mayhem, or compete with your cooperative crew to take down banks or other gangs in standard shootout game modes.

Throughout all of this though, your character will progress. Earn enough money and you and your team can buy safe houses, cars, garages, jets, boats, whatever you can think of, all for your personal use.

Customise your character through hairstyle, tats, favourite weapons, clothing and more. There's even the ability to use a content creator to design your own deathmatches and races.

There's a lot on show in this trailer guys. Stop reading what I'm writing and watch it. It's really quite something.

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Shut up and take my money!!!

I was looking forward to Saints Row 3 but now I'm not sure what I want to look forward to playing... wouldn't be suprised to find out if they looked at Saints Row and asked "What can we add to make our game but make it so it's better?"

Saints row 3 has been out for

Saints row 3 has been out for some time, it was on the last humble bundle (before the current origin one) with all dlcs. If you mean saints row 4 which is coming out in 4 days then you should totally play it. It's not like playing saints row prevents you from playing gta nor the other way around.

Both is the correct answer

I'll definitley be playing both, looks like GTA is starting to bring the fun back after the last lacklustre (IMO) title and Saints Row is always over the top fun though a little on the shallow/immature side which is just fine with me. There is room for both on my hard drive, I hope SR adds more than 2 player co-op as well, both games will be awesome fun to fart around in with a few mates.

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