Hackers Steal All Ubisoft Games Including Unannounced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

A team of Russian hackers has managed to break Uplay’s security, giving themselves free access to all Ubisoft’s available for purchase through the online store.

More interestingly, the team also managed to swipe a copy of the yet-unreleased and yet-announced Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a standalone retro-style Far Cry 3 sequel that takes place in the near future. Rumors about the game’s existence have been circulating for a while now, but Ubisoft didn’t make any announcement except setting up a weird 80’s styled website.

The hackers posted a 30 minutes gameplay footage on YouTube, but Ubisfot had it taken down promptly. Nonetheless, the game has already made its way to Bit Torrent and other p2p networks. (The game is 2.95 GB in size, in case you are curious for no apparent reason)

Ubisoft acknowledged the hack, asserted that no personal information was compromised by it, and suspended Uplay's PC download service while a fix is implemented. All other Uplay services remain available."

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Have anyone see the date that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon video on Youtube? It's April 1st... I don't know whether or not these hacker-bastard event has really happened, I will have to look further before I believe it. If such a major theft had happened now Ubisoft should go bankrupt. Why would hackers steal a compiled game, the source code worths more than the actual game itself. Chances are that these hacker-bastards are 15-year-olds with divorced parents and a life to loose. I mean that I could not even imagine if a crap under development can be called playable at so early stage.

Hackers I salute you, keep up the good work!

Hackers I salute you, congratulation! These greedy bastards deserve it. All the bloody employees of BOOBYSOFT, that are trolling here, can go fuck themselves... damn crybabies... maybe because the hackers were Russian, it's difficult to go down their throat... Had it been those rednecks that fucked Sony and stolen the common man's personal detail to sell and make money on the black market, they'd be happy.

Why all the hate

I don't get all the hate towards the hackers. Props to them for having a bit of fun and releasing some goodies for the community. I don't support any AAA game company so I, sincerely, don't care for any minute damage caused by a hack. The CEO is still driving his kids to school in a golden lambo.

The Blood Dragon stand alone

The Blood Dragon stand alone if 15 bucks, if that's too much holy fuck kid, holy fuck. These hackers are pathetic thieves that people glorify due to their own personal issues. These are profit companies that employ large amounts of people, attacking them just for fun and their own inability to hold a decent job in order to afford a measly 60 dollars. And "boss still drives his kids in a golden lambo" lol ok buddy, tell that to the programmers who work just above LICO.

The bosses *are* the rich

The bosses *are* the rich ones, the programmers/artists who are *not* the bosses wont be rich although who knows, maybe they have some profit share. . People at the top pay people at the bottom whatever they can get away with to maximise their own profit. It`s how companies and business works


So I was just watching some game-play of it and it looks okay, however, it still looks and sounds like an unfinished product: The voice acting is mediocre at best, the cut-scenes are in the style of a 2D comic book (real 80's like) and the color & brightness saturation looks unfinished, to me anyway... Looks like there could be some fun though...


"Ubisoft didn’t make any announcement except setting up a weird 80’s style website." - 80's style website, good one MG. Let's forget how there were no websites in the 80's...

Die in a Fire

Nah, don't worry, it's still you. Technically, he's correct, HTTP wasn't around in any form until 1990 at the earliest and HTTP wasn't RFC'd until 1996. But yeah, clearly the article meant "a website representative of the culture of the USA in the 1980s" not a "website like those that existed in the 1980s". Writing could be better.

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