Half Life Alpha Available Now

Half Life Alpha

Sorry guys this isn't for the eagerly awaited Episode 3, or Half Life 3, but actually for the original Half Life from way back in the late 90s. Created a year before the game's release in '98, this build contains early representations of some of the game's most famous levels, as well as several tech demos that were ground breaking for the time.

Discovered by a Reddit user, the disc is now available on Ebay for anyone that wants to own a piece of gaming history. Fortunately however, the owner ripped the contents and made them available online as an .iso, so everyone can appreciate its contents.

Most of it looks pretty simple when compared to contemporary games, but it needs to be remembered that back in 1998, this was ground breaking stuff. Reactive AI, transparent texturing, scripted sequences, as well as other visual improvements like 'realistic' water.

So how about a bit of nostalgia comments for this post guys. What's your first memory of Half Life and did it blow you away?

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Let's be honest...

There is just an amarcord value. Playing this game today..is just plain boring and tedious. Graphic sucks too much. If i have to play retro gaming..i prefer to play pong or other abstract graphic games...like the vectrex ones...or the immortal bitmap successes like pacman, galaga, galaxian and others...with their distinctive gameplay. But why the **** ...a child today have to play this thing and feel it entertaining when ...there are tons of FPS games with the same and improved gameplay..with photorealistic graphic?

No it won't.

Awwwww, is a wittle someone feewing upset about being "legit"? Torrenting is like the rotation of the Earth. It'll stop when the Sun explodes. We're gonna share bro, brah, bro brah, broski, & ain't no one gonna stop us. Just know that one day, you'll probably wish you started doing it sooner. I know I did.

Funny now

But it won't be so funny if you end up in jail or with hundreds and thousands of dollars worth of fines to account for. And truth be told, if everyone thought the way you do then developers wouldn't bring you all those wonderful games you love so much because they'd never never get paid!! Sometimes it worth it, sometimes it's not!


Nothing wrong with torrents. Why should we not be able to try before we buy, or download a copy of a game if our disk gets scratched? Although I do not agree with people who just download because it is free. If you like something and have the money then buy it if it is a reasonable price. Why should I pay the same price for a new crap game as I would for a new great game? If prices were set by quality then less people would move to downloading as there will be less situations where they buy something that is crap.


I torrent a lot myself and that there is the same excuse I use every time I'm on the subject, but don't overlook the legal implications surrounding it. So to combat that I watch A LOT of gameplay and reviews regarding said software. Or, if you can afford it, buy it, burn off a copy and sell it straight away. To hell If I want to continuously risk jail time or +$50,000 per offense.

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