Hearthstone exits beta

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has now officially left beta and is available as version 1.0 after several months in open beta and six months of closed before that. However now it's officially out there and released, it comes with a couple of little updates.

If you manage to net yourself three wins in unranked play, you'll earn a free mount in World of Warcraft, which while undoubtedly set to become hugely common in short order, is a nice way of tempting new players to try out the long time MMO giant.

However beyond a quick return to WoW, the game also offers other incentives to keep playing. Knock up 500 wins with any character for example and you'll get a gold border for their portrait and some new animations for when they cast spells or perform other actions.

If you haven't tried Hearthstone yet, it's a collectible card game, with turn based, non-interrupt action, making it fast paced, but methodical, letting you think your your strategies without bogging you down with lengthy turn phases.

If you want to give it a try, you can download it for free here and remain competitive without spending a single penny.

As a heads up, Blizzard did apologise in its presser for the lost productivity. Apology accepted.

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not an altogether bad move,

not an altogether bad move, burning crusade was the most popular expansion, all the wow heads I know are extremely happy to be able to return to draenor and all the character model updates look pretty good, they are also working on a LoL and Dota style game, Ironically LoL was just a rip off of the Original Dota which was Warcraft 3 mod and Star Craft remains pretty popular on the esport scene. so I think blizzard will be fine.

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