The Hunt Is Over. Center Of Curiosity Reached

After 7 months of relentless community tapping, one lucky player has reached the center of Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity cube.

Earlier today, Molyneux revealed through Twitter that the final tap was done by Bryan Henderson of Edinburgh. According to Curiosity’s rules, the winner is free to decide whether to share the content of his prize with the rest of the world or not.

Fortunately, Henderson decided to share.

In a YouTube video, Peter Molyneux revealed that Bryan Henderson will take the role of God in the studio’s upcoming game, Godus. Bryan will also have a voice in deciding the game’s rules and he will get a share of its revenue.

Looks like the Curiosity prize is not that bad after all.

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So there was a tiny Peter

So there was a tiny Peter Molykneux inside the cube. That's a lot of hubris. And this person's reward is .... to have to buy another game. So ... pay to god? That's a new pay to win payment model right there.

The reward for the game was a

The reward for the game was a video telling the winner they're going to be the god of a new game, Godus. Which is why I made the pay to god reference, since the video made no mention if Bryan would have to buy the game. Peter Molyneux was in the video telling this person about it. Which is a lot of hubris for what amounts to very little reward. He, Bryan Henderson, shared the video on youtube. You can see for yourself if you take the 30 seconds it would take to look this up. Did you actually read this and check it out? Or did you just write a snarky comment because you wanted to show people that you are in fact, an idiot.

He gets fractions of the

He gets fractions of the micro transactions in the new game. So if this guy wants money, he's going to have to make decisions in the game that make people happy, or they're not going to buy anything. It's a very shitty reward from a very stupid game. Which is perfect from Molyneaux. Overhype, then underperform.

Da fuck

seriously this is what megagames has come to... everyone who reads this do the world a favour and kill yourself please!!! Peter molynex you all just know how bad he needs a psych captcha - veg out

Sadly, yes

Hey man, you're preaching to the choir here. Someone makes a little joke, and the other reply's, and the next to follow usually takes it overboard... Damn Megagames, start IP banning people for a change...

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