If you aren't impressed by this tech demo I'll eat my hat

Seriously. I don't even own a hat, but if you don't like this new demo from Bravely Default developer Silicon Studio, showing off its impressive lighting effects in a new engine tech demo, I'll go and buy one just so I can eat it.

Have a look:

Even if you don't think the Wall-E like robot is cute, you have to be impressed by the detailing on those macro shots. There's not a hint of aliasing anywhere and that camera lens looks absolutely flawless.

The only thing is, Silicon Studio hasn't told us much about it, so while it's said to be running in "real time," that's very vague. We could be looking at a real-time demo, with pre-rendered lighting, or a demo being run on a server farm that can handle this sort of detail, it's just not clear.

Regardless, it's still impressive to look at and gives us an idea of where game visuals will be going in the future.

If you want to find out more about Silicon Studio, you could try applying for a job there, since it's hiring for "nex gen" development.

Head here for more info.

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Just gotta chime in:

Regarding the "not a hint of aliasing"...@0:22 thru 0:27 the shelving in the back is displaying aliasing on the distant vertical lines...so yeah, maybe time to get the old eyes checked?


Kind of reminds me of Pixar, oh wait is that what that is? Modo already does that. Its a definite step in the right direction, if game engines can handle post rendering without massive lag or eating loads of memory. Yes its possible. It will be like playing a Pixar movie as a game.


It's realtime rendered however it's heavily directed + macro shots contain very small amount of geometry which makes it fast to render with every bell and whistle turned on. Also the DOF that makes it so beautiful is derived from 1 single pass and is POST PROCESSING EFFECT not more ( check frichluft for ae, now imagine that with gpu acceleration). Aliasing can always be removed with supersampling or anti alias filters that are simply amped up for tech demos - does not mean it runs as well on current generation midrange hardware :) I'm pretty sure UE can do the same. Either way it's awesome and robot's sweet, hats off for the developers! I'd still really like to see you eat the hat :)

You sir has just saved

You sir has just saved yourself from a Hat-Constipation-disease! Nice video! The high dynamic range was amazing although some ignorant **** called it simply blur. About the retards always complaining here I got more than a hat: here's a camera up your *** so you can shove it deep and cry for your mom for a change.

Did that comment make you

Did that comment make you feel better? Stupid kids sitting in their moms house acting all tough. Get over yourself. Dynamic range produces blur no matter how you see it. BTW, I think the captcha has something for you: Cuckoo clock

You gonna eat it raw?

Yeah this ^. It's a nice bit of CG. WTF's the big deal? I see plenty of impressive CG done by really powerful computers almost every time I watch a movie. I'll be impressed if you actually eat your hat & post video of it on here. Maybe you can get Silicon Studio to make a CG video of you doing it so you don't actually have to & we won't be able to tell the diff'.

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