Inception Game In The Works

Now that Inception's DVD and Blu-ray December 8th release is almost upon us, director Christopher Nolan has sat down with Entertainment Weekly's InsideMovies to discuss the future of the franchise.

Turns out, Nolan has no intention to revisit Inception's world in another movie, and that "at the moment, the only direction we [Nolan's team] are channeling that is by developing a videogame set in the world."

Nolan didn't give any more details, but he asserted that he is developing the game with a team of collaborators and that it is "a longer-term proposition."

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I bought that Bluray movie 2

I bought that Bluray movie 2 weeks ago? Is the US release behind the european release? The movie costs around $15 on bluray here and around $ on DVD. Btw i think the movie is overrated but its still fun. Most people say its great etc because they dont want others to know they didnt understand it lol. I wonder if the game will suck but i guess its way to late for a game now.

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