Intel Releases 16 New Processors

Intel unveiled 16 products today, including the company's first 45 nm processors for Intel Centrino Processor Technology based laptops.

All of these new chips include the company's new transistor formula and 45nm manufacturing process that "boost a PC's speed, reduces power requirements, saves on battery life, helps the environment and comes in smaller packages for more fashionable and compact computer designs".

With the introduction of the new processors, Intel will be offering a total of 32 desktop, laptop and server processors based on these innovations.

The company also highlighted how it will take advantage of its transistor and manufacturing advances to spur a category of small form-factor, low-powered, high-performance devices that deliver broadband Internet access "in your pocket." The processors are up to 25 percent smaller than previous versions so computer makers can create sleek, new designs for consumers ranging from stylish all-in-one desktop PCs to smaller notebooks.

Among the 16 new products, 12 are designed for new laptops and desktops products and four are for servers. All are now lead-free1 and, starting this year, halogen-free2, making the processors more eco-friendly.

"The new products we're announcing today provide consumers and businesses with the benefit of sleeker and higher-performing laptops and more powerful and fashionable PCs that deliver for the most hard-core gamer, high-definition enthusiast and just about every other consumer demand," said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager, mobile platforms group, Intel. "And later this year, Intel will begin delivering the mobile Internet with much smaller, lighter and powerful Internet-enabled devices that ultimately will fit right into your pocket."

Intel is shipping five new mobile processors, "enabling breakthrough performance and improved battery life, providing consumers with the ability to be more productive or just enjoy their digital entertainment while on the go".

Helping to extend battery life is also a new Intel Core microarchitecture design feature for advanced power management state called Deep Power Down Technology that reduces the power of the processor when it's not running data or instructions to the laptop.

The processors are the foundation for the company's popular Intel Centrino technology for laptops, and deliver improved content and video capabilities with HD DVD and Blu-Ray support with an optional third-party decoder. Centrino-based notebooks also come with the Mobile Intel 965 Express Chipset and wireless networking including the optional support for 802.11n networks with Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N.

Intel has also added new video and graphics capabilities with Intel HD Boost that includes Intel Streaming SIMD Extensions 4 (SSE4) for speeding up workloads including video encoding for high-definition and photo manipulation.

Intel will also use this mobile technology foundation and energy-efficient performance to enable a variety of smaller, cooler and quieter, stylish desktop designs. These computers, including the increasingly popular "all-in-one" category, provide the performance to run a variety of digital media and the latest software simultaneously, as well as enhanced high-definition video and smoother playback using Intel Clear Video Technology.

Building on its November 2007 introduction (the Intel Core2 Extreme quad-core processor QX9650), Intel announced three quad core and four dual core 45nm-based processors for mainstream desktop PCs arriving later this month and throughout the first quarter of the year.
The new Intel Core 2 Quad and Intel Core 2 Duo processor offerings will speed the transition to Intel's newest processor line and multicore adoption, and are arriving at a time when digital and high-definition content, including photos, home videos, music, television shows and social networking, continues to grow exponentially.

Consumers will realize more performance at a variety of PC purchase prices as these processors feature a range of clock speeds, large L2 caches, and also come equipped with Intel HD Boost (SSE4 instructions). These 45nm processors are also a requirement for computer-makers carrying the Intel Core2 Processor with Viiv technology brand, making it easier for consumers to select a great entertainment PC with Intel's most innovative technologies.

Dual core desktop processor-based PCs using these new processors begin shipping this month; quad core-based systems plan to arrive later this quarter.

The company also introduced four Intel Xeon processors for servers and workstations; they are expected to ship this quarter.

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Intel Releases 16 New Processors

AMD innovates, INTEL steals... Like the 64EMT was AMD's idea. Intels failed so they stole AMD's ideas claiming its the new standard.AMD came out with the New SSE, and intel was sooo ticked it created its own version. AMD had the Dual core Idea first, so Intel took it...Intel are theives.

Intel Releases 16 New Processors

personally i like AMD better but right now Intel has the faster processors. if you dont want the best of the best though. or like me cant afford it. AMD has been and will continue to be my choice as long as AMD keeps giving more power per price as they have always done. and i would ague that because of the way AMDs are made they dont preform so well on speed based benchmarks but seem to do better in real life gaming environments.

Intel Releases 16 New Processors

@ Anonymousat 12:16AMD innovates, INTEL steals... Like the 64EMT was AMD's idea. Intels failed so they stole AMD's ideas claiming its the new standard.AMD came out with the New SSE, and intel was sooo ticked it created its own version. AMD had the Dual core Idea first, so Intel took it...Intel are theives----------------stupid f**king fanboythey don stealthey build on it fagetford made cars, i guess porsche, BMW and mercedes stole it zzzzzcry me a river

Intel Releases 16 New Processors

*sighs* i guess that one retarded dimwit says that everything is from AMD! if thats true the just let it go, thats just human nature, it the idea is successful, people will build on on that idea and make it better!And dumbass like you should just get a rope, tie one end on a tall tree, and tie the other end around your neck and just jump and hang yourself!Its obvious that intel won this generation of best prossors again!

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