Intel Vows To Keep Its CPUs Removable For The Foreseeable Future

Last month rumors started spreading that future Intel CPUs will use Ball Grid Array (BGA) sockets exclusively, making them inseparable from the motherboards they are attached to. Intel has finally issued a statement refuting those claims.

"Intel remains committed to the growing desktop enthusiast and channel markets, and will continue to offer socketed parts in the LGA package for the foreseeable future for our customers and the Enthusiast DIY market," the company said in an official statement. "However, Intel cannot comment on specific long-term product roadmap plans at this time, but will disclose more details later per our normal communication process."

Ball Grid Array CPUs are soldered directly to the motherboards at motherboard manufacturing plants. They are designed to reduce power consumption and cost but they also make it impossible to change the CPU without changing the motherboard as well.

AMD has already preempted Intel by announcing that their future CPUs will be removable and that they have "no plans at this time to move to BGA only packaging."

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Who cares?

No one upgrades their CPU. CPU's mean **** all nowadays. You build a sys' & put in w/e CPU you're gonna use 'til you up the whole shebanginheranus anyway because the FF changed by that time so the new chip you want won't fit. Dig it. CAPTCHA was "pandora's ****".

Last two times I upgraded, I

Last two times I upgraded, I did exactly what you said - ripped out the ram, the cpu, the video card, the fan, the dvd drive, the power supply, the motherboard... only things I kept were the monitor, the keyboard and the case. I totally agree with you.

What's next?

Why not plaster a whole computer on a single chip by now? Technologically it's possible...ooh well, it will shrink the Mobo Manufactors market, I agree... and the cooler industry would suffer, too, yeah that's right. intel - the great Inventor of the slot 1 Pentium 2 CPU's. We LOVE new formfactors, we all love it, we adore it, we buy it, we throw i..erm.

Some people may not resist

Some people may not resist your "Schweddy Balls" but....... other conusmer will cut your "Schweddy Balls" off, if you keep pushing virtual and stuff that is unfriendly toward resales like digital purchases and cloud computing!!!! None of the will ever eliminate the need of electronics so.. what is the point? it is a F$%$ing corporate take over!! :) We know you trying to price fix your products!! "Recommended Customer Price" nice!!!


You make no sense whatsoever. Seems you complained about everything (without making any solid points) except for whats actually relevant regarding the article, which is to say, Intel planning to kick AMD off the desktop game by welding their CPUs to the motherboards.
You voted 'no'.

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