Konami Offers Japanese Gamers A Love Tour With Their DS 'Girlfriends'

They might be called losers in the western hemisphere, but it seems that gamers who fall in love with virtual in-game girl friends are considered perfectly normal in Japan.

The truth is that virtual love games are so popular in Japan that Konami has decided to take it dedicated Love Plus fans on a tour across Japan with their virtual girlfriends.

For about $500, no more than 40 Japanese players will take a six-stop tour in locations that appear in the game and will stay at the Ohnoya Hotel, which is also included as a location in the game. The lucky players will also receive complimentary presents including Love Plus bath powder, a Love Plus manju (a popular Japanese treat made from flour, rice powder, buckwheat, azuki beans and sugar), and a handy little Love Plus towel.

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This was a triumph...

Perfectly normal they say, luring their youth into one sided relationships with fake 'girls'.

Japans birth rate is already low as they are generally shy. So some guys decide to capitalize on it, if they end up reducing their birth rate some more with these games they just might have to 'import' breeders.

Hand their entire country a darwin award then euthanize if things come to that. HUGE SUCCESS!

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