The Last Of Us Is Censored In Europe

Naughty Dog confirmed that violence and gore have been toned down/censored in the European version of The Last of Us.

After noticing the differences between the European and North American versions of the game, Naughty Dog forums member Ramify contacted the developer and received confirmation that The Last of US has been "slightly changed" to accommodate legal requirements in each territory.

"The gore and violence ratings are subject to local regulatory boards in various countries, so the game must be slightly changed in order to accommodate those choices," said Naughty Dog representative, EvangM.

There is no official list of differences, but fans over the internet have discovered that blood spray has been reduced significantly and that enemies cannot be dismembered in the European version’s multiplayer mode.

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Video Games

Such a event like this is going to happen more then once, and most of you probably know this. I've been playing video games since the good old 2d game times. Why do video games have to dull down but moves don't ? they treat us as adults when watching a Porno or a Steven Kings film, but when we want too, take on a puzzle or art aka: A game they seem to think we are infants why is the video game industry get so criticised, its getting quite boring and the funny thing is most of the do-gooder Christians live in America. Anyways most of Europe are Atheists now with a few pockets of religious fanatics. I bring religion into this because thats the only answer I can find.. right now. its sick and you mite be just abit ticked off about it now but what if they started switching storys or graphics ?saying "these graphics are too good.. we need too dull them down because you mite think its real" ? Or what if the girl in the game is too sexy.. we need to make her more ugly because you mite fall in love with her and go crazy and shoot a school of children, what other possibility can we see in the future ?

Nudity and sexuality in

Nudity and sexuality in European advertising & TV shows and they flip over few drops of So this one idiot speaks for the every person even if they disagree with him. Hey I got land on Pluto does anybody wanna buy...same **** a true american lay claim for something that don't belong to you then sell it.


Cencoring product like movie game etc... should be take like if the population has a lack of judgement of them. The population should affirm their point about that. But product must respect law, like the car in Canada who they must be modify for the local of environmental law. Against or not, it is to the population to be mobilised...


WHO THE **** DO THEY THINK THEY ARE TO EVEN DO THAT? I PAID FULL PRICE OF THE GAME AND I WANT TO GET THE FULL EXPERIENCE.I paid it cause it was being advertised to me(from trailers,pictures) and it never mentioned before i bought it that the gore that was being advertised is not included in your product. THEY BETTER GIVE US DLC OR SMTH CAUSE THOSE MUTHAFUCKERS CAN'T JUST TAKE OUT A MAJOR GAME FACTOR after having sold the game..You sold it now it's over you can't do ****.It passed the video game violence commitie when it was released.Now you muthafacks just want to change that after it being sold? IT'S OUTRAGEOUS. IT'S LIKE Buying a house for 10000 Euro with the furnitiure and after 3-4 months they say:Mehh we shouldn't have sold you the house,now we are gonna take all your furniture want it or not in order to allow you to keep it


Have you noticed they did the same to the like/dislike bar on Youtube? Negative colors, whats next, thought crimes.

cant stop laughing

so you more or less crippled the game and sold it at same price / more in price to the europeans? you poor bastards.. you get **** on WAY too much... no wonder the world hates north america... everyone wants what we have, but arent allowed... :( fucken criminal

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