Leaked DOTA 2 Client Reveals HL2 Episode 3 New Guns

After combing through the code of a leaked DOTA 2 client, white hackers unearthed possible clues about the upcoming Half-Life 2: Episode 3 and its new weapons.

The DOTA 2 client was leaked by a Vietnamese beta tester and it is playable offline, at the risk of having your Steam account disabled of course.

One of the folders inside the game's directory is called "ep3" which might refer to Half-Life 2: Episode 3. The folder contains the following items:






Of course this is just speculation with nothing to prove that those files actually belong to episode 3; but if it is, we can only imagine what the weaponizer is. Perhaps this episode would introduce yet another ground breaking mechanism like the original Half-Life 2 did with the gravity gun and pOrtal did with its Portal gun.

Gordon Freeman with a flamethrower and an ice gun is mouth-watering too.

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how many episode 3's do you think valve have made?

its been so long i refuse to believe they haven't made episode 3 yet so my theory is they have made it many many many times but the final meeting to announce its completion always goes like this "so we are finally done! and its good!" "good?" "very good!" "very good?" "yeah!" "but is it half life 2 good" "erm well it really is very good" "but is it half life 2 good?" "well its" "is it?" "erm well" "IS IT?" "no" "wipe it and start again"

i reckon this has happened every few months since the release of episode 2

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