LoL Player Raises $100,000 for Charity

Siv HD

And here you thought your mom was right telling you playing games will never do anything good for anyone. To prove her wrong, Siv HD, a popular League of Legends streamer, managed to raise a whopping $107,000 in just one marathon gaming session.

Initially he put up $100 himself and pledged to keep gaming until he reached a $50,000 threshold, but when that blew by that in the first 10 hours, he kept upping the anti, saying he would quit only when sleep took him.

After a total of 12 hours of streaming, Siv managed to make it past the $100,000 mark and called it a night, saying he needed to rest. Understandably too, there's only so much berating you can take from toxic teammates before any League of Legends player calls it a night.

As Kotaku points out, you can find the whole event online here, along with all of his other recent videos.

In total, $106,921 was received, from 7648 donators, with several individuals donating thousands of dollars each. The top donator however looks like a clever plug for, a website selling digital game downloads. They did however donate almost $7,000, so it's a fair shout.

This is all part of the Gaming For Good campaign, which is all about raising money for charity by playing games - something we can all get behind. To date, it's raised over $6.4 million and is very close to its final threshold. If you see one of your favourite streamers doing some charity gaming in the next few days, give them a few bucks, it all goes to Save the Children.

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I remember when a guy

I remember when a guy streaming league of legends on twitch was in a wheelschar bought by viewers, then he made a trip with another donation, then they gave him about 7k dollars more and SUDDENTLY during the stream in front of the holy webcam, as The Book tells us, the Christ said "stand up and walk!", the miracle occured ; but haters hated called this a scam ! *sarcasm mode on.

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