Loyal Fans Celebrate Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Tenth Anniversary

Perhaps we are a little late to remind you that yesterday marked the 10th anniversary for Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

Sadly but understandably, the game's publisher, Epic Games, didn't recognize and celebrate the occasion. However, loyal Jazz Jackrabbit 2 fans at JazzOnline.com are still faithful to the time-defying 10 years old platformer and are organizing a series of events for the celebration.

Currently the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 community still celebrates its beloved fast-paced sidescroller, developing items for the game, consisting of thousands of tilesets, levels, and utilities. Some of the community members have even gone so far as to hack the game so it can be modded to fix some of the bugs, as the game fell out of technical support long ago.

As part of their celebration, JazzOnline are also running a number of marathon servers hosting some of the best (old and new) levels created by various users, from Friday through Monday (April 11th - April 14th).

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