Microsoft And Amex Are Giving Money To Players Who Finish Halo 4

Microsoft has signed a deal with American Express to reward players who finish Halo 4 single player campaign with $25 credit on their Amex statements.

The deal also includes free theatre coupons and $10 credit upon linking an American Express card to an Xbox Live account in addition to various credit rewards for completing different achievements in Halo 4.

American Express has hinted that it might be working on similar deals with other publishers.

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So, I read through the fine print of the American Express Xbox deal. It is legitimate. However it is on an "as is" and "availability" status and can stopped or cancelled at any time. They also are going to charge you for the full amount on your statement and you will be charged interest until such time that you pay off the balance. The credit will be put onto your card in up to 8 weeks so 2 months. Which if you were thinking you would get it and not have to pay or re-sell to make a profit and return if you didn't sell, wouldn't quite work. However if you are planning on spending the money anyways then it is a heck of a deal. All the companies are bidding for your money and AMX is just banking on the interest they will get if you don't pay off your balance as usual. Nothing new there. Xbox gets a your money for you need a "Gold account" to register so that is the $50 bucks a yr for them. Yes it is about us spending our money, but it is still a great deal if you have the money to spend!

So many scams, its really

So many scams, its really hard to tell the honest ones. Why link your creditcard. Multi milion dollar companies throw their change and they expect you to dance. Fack games that dlc release's before it does. A marketing scheam. I seen some people here (other posts) ***** about not getting enough, its simple don't signup for it or dont buy it, look the other way.

No I don't point fingers at

No I don't point fingers at others for my ****. Since you seam to be still early in brain development I will attempt to dumb it down, you hit parenthesis before you say something and after you are done you hit it again. Anyways you are going off subject so end of conversation.

watch out!

Indeed there is more to it, after completing the single player campaign master chief heads to a classroom where he must take a grammar aptitude test, he will only receive his $25 rebate if he manages to successfully employ your, you're, their, they're, there, were, where, we're. There is only one chance, fail and master chief will be forever mocked by his slighly richer and grammar certified spartan friends.

How is them rewarding you for

How is them rewarding you for finishing a game a "cash grabbing gimmick"? Assuming those that buy it are buying the game because they enjoy the Halo franchise, finishing the game for them and then receiving credit back, not to mention they can probably sell the game to Gamestop or wherever and receive another 10 quid, is a very nice bonus. Kudos to Microsoft for doing this imo.

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